Redfish Participates at ISU’s Business School, Celebrates Business Leader of the Year Award

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Rob Reeves was named “Idaho Business Leader of the Year’, President and CEO of Redfish Technology is the 56th honoree.

 Reeves Family celebrates Rob's IBLOY award

Last week Rob Reeves, CEO of Redfish Technology was celebrated by Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity at Idaho State University. Reeves was joined by two managers at Redfish, Leah O’Flynn and Jon Piggins. They spent several days at ISU speaking in classes at the business school, engaging with students, and meeting with members of the university as well as the local business community.


Named the Idaho Business Leader of the Year for 2015, Reeves joins an illustrious list of Idaho business leaders Read more »

Redfish Technology Hits 20,000th Job Order, 2013 Outlook Great

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20000th Job Order

20000th Job Order

Redfish Technology Hits 20,000th Job Order

2013 Outlook Great  


Announcing the 20,000th job order received in March 2013, Redfish Technology, provider of nationwide executive high tech and clean tech recruiting services looks forward to a great year in 2013.


“I wish I could have filled them all,” stated Rob Reeves, President and CEO of Redfish Technology, with his classically dry wit. “We have however doubled production a couple times over the last few years, and 2013 looks set to top last year already.”


Job placement highlights over the last 12 months include filling roles such as Insight Architect, PHP/LAMP Developer, RVP of Sales, VP of Engineering, Account Manager, Business Development Director, Inside Sales Representative, Central Regional Sales Manager, Senior Value Consultant, Chief Technology Officer, and Director of Channel Sales. Read more »

Recruiting Success Stories: Chien-Liang Chou, Social Media Technology

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Chien-Liang ChouRecruiting Success Stories:

Featured Placement – Chien-Liang Chou

VP of Engineering – Web and Social Media Technology

This disruptive software firm is well-funded and highly-focused, building a revolutionary web and social media technology. With a keen eye for the right talent and profile to help build this incredible team, Redfish Technology has placed numerous key people at this exciting company. The company’s Customer Stock Ownership Plan (CSOPâ„¢) enables public companies to sell their stock directly to Read more »

Puffing, padding, lying, – What a yahoo!

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Puffing, padding, lying, –

What a yahoo!


The Merriam-Webster Online defines the noun yahoo as a boorish, crass, or stupid person. And while we certainly wouldn’t want to call former Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson a yahoo, he did make a very stupid decision.


How his bio dating back to his PayPal tenure came to include a computer science degree from Stonehill College is still unclear. This fictitious degree has replicated itself throughout two companies’ bios and into corporate documents recently filed with the SEC.


Scott Thompson tried to blame the introduction of the fictitious degree on the executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles. “We’ve are often asked to help candidates with resumes, to give feedback on organization, content, style,” said executive tech recruiter Rob Reeves, Redfish Technology. “However a recruiter would never add or invent information. It is absolutely an absurd claim.”


Ultimately, whether you puff, pad or lie, a day of reckoning will come. And the loss of credibility that comes on the day of reckoning will be severe. The collateral damage in this case is pretty large, disrupting a large company, interrupting focus on business, calling into question judgment, and undoubtedly damaging morale at Yahoo!.


Between the internet and background checks, it is never a good idea to puff or pad, and certainly never to lie. Interestingly, with the public-ization of resumes via the internet, especially sites like Linkedin, there has been an improvement in the honesty practiced on resumes.  At least in terms of prior work experience and responsibilities. This is according to a Cornell article “The Effect of Linkedin on Deception in Resumes” by Jamie Guillory and Jeffrey T. Hancock. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking. March 2012.


“Compared with traditional resumes, Linkedin resumes were less deceptive about the kinds of information that count most to employers, namely an applicant’s prior work experience and responsibilities, but more deceptive about interests and hobbies.”


Recruiting Success Stories: Christopher Geheran, Customer Loyalty Software

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Recruiting Success Stories:

Featured PlacementChristopher Geheran – Christopher Geheran

Senior Web Developer – Customer Loyalty/Retention Software

This revolutionary financial products software company has called upon Redfish Technology to fill many software development roles. Aiming to democratize the markets, level playing field, provide loyalty and capital to companies and deliver much needed liquidity to companies. Read more »

Finding And Hiring The Right IT Staff – UBM Newlsetter, Alicia Stein

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Republished with permission from the UBM Midsize Enterprise Strategies February 2012 Newsletter strategy section.

Finding And Hiring The Right IT StaffAlicia Stein

By Alicia Stein  


Many middle-market CIOs lack the resources—staff and budget—to fulfill all of their organization’s IT initiatives. Even though the last recession displaced millions of workers, it still remains difficult for CIOs to find individuals with the right mix of talent and skill. Read more »

Recruiting Success Stories: Phil Dean, Director Customer Relations – Computer Games Industry

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Phil Dean

Recruiting Success Stories:

Featured Placement – Phil Dean

Director Customer Relations – Computer Games Industry


Redfish Technology was referred to the VP of Finance by the Director of Product Development when this exciting video gaming equipment company was ramping up. The company develops and markets ultra-premium video gaming equipment for the hardcore gaming community and has spectacularly tripled revenue over the past couple years. Read more »

Recruiters Circle Cisco Like Sharks Amid Job Cuts, By Joseph Walker

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Recruiters Circle Cisco Like Sharks Amid Job Cuts

By Joseph Walker

Cisco Systems Inc.’s announcement last month that it would lay off 6,500 workers from its global work force was welcome news to technology recruiters, who say it’s an opportunity to poach top employees uncertain of the company’s future, reported Wednesday.

“It’s simply blood in the water,” said Jeff Winter, founder of GravityPeople, a San Francisco-based technology recruiting firm. “There are recruiters that will immediately start calling Cisco, soliciting their engineers and inciting fear that Cisco’s on its way out.”

Brocade Communications Systems, Inc., a San Jose, Calif.-based networking company and Cisco competitor, has seen a larger influx of resumes from Cisco employees in the last two months, director of global talent acquisition Brian Pototo told

“They’re not necessarily cutting their top performers,” Pototo said. But “it does create that uncertainty among the people who are the top performers. You might be able to shake them loose.”

Mike Sienkowski, president of Sausalito, Calif.-based tech recruiting firm BirdDog, Inc., said that he’s also had more Cisco employees contact his firm or respond to job openings recently. While he expects that most of those laid off will be underperformers, he sees an opportunity to poach more highly coveted employees at the company.

“The people I’m after, Cisco keeps close and watches very closely, but they’re more susceptible to my calls now,” Sienkowski said.

Cisco said last month the layoffs would include about 15% of the company’s executive staff, from the vice president level and up. Sienkowski doesn’t think that most companies will be eager to hire former Cisco executives. “They’re probably very expensive dead weight,” he said.

Other companies that may look to recruit from Cisco include Juniper Networks Inc. and NVIDIA Corp., said Alan Shapiro, a principal at Technology Search International, a San Jose, Cailf.-based recruiting firm.

Of the 6,500 job reductions, about 2,100 will come from an employee buyout program. The company’s second quarter earnings announcement included $453 million in charges for a voluntary early retirement program and $214 million for employee severance, as well as other charges,

Two recruiters who interact with Cisco employees said the early retirement package was available to those whose age plus years of service at Cisco equaled 60 or more. That aligns with an internal memo circulating on the Internet. Cisco declined to comment for this article or on the specifics of its buyout program.

For one senior director-level Cisco employee who took a buyout after 15 years at the company, Cisco’s downsizing was a blessing in disguise, said Rob Reeves, president of Redfish Technology, Inc., a technology recruiting firm with an office in Silicon Valley that is helping the employee look for his next job.

“It was a golden handcuffs situation,” said Reeves. “Other companies wouldn’t pay him what Cisco would pay him, but at the same time he was being under- utilized in his role at Cisco…he was plateaued in his career.”

The former Cisco employee is currently in late-stage job talks with several companies, Reeves said.

Because of Cisco’s large size — it currently has 71,825 employees — it will be difficult to make sure that only dead weight is laid off, Shapiro said.

“I wonder if Cisco upper management has actually taken a look at the resumes of the people they’re laying off, because if you’re laying off that many people, you’re putting a lot of talent on the street that could compete directly or indirectly with Cisco,” Shapiro said.

-By Joseph Walker, FINS.COM;

(END) Dow Jones Newswires 08-10-111858ET Copyright (c) 2011 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

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Redfish Technology Hires San Francisco Development Director to Expand SF Business, Nationwide Partnerships

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Redfish Technology Hires San Francisco Development Director to Expand SF Business, Nationwide Partnerships

Redfish Technology, Inc. announced today the hiring of Andy Nacsin as Director

Andy Nacsin

Andy Nacsin

of Development.  Mr. Nacsin is a veteran executive recruiter, with extensive ties in the high tech sector across the nation. “We are excited to be working with Andy again. He has valuable relationships, and an incredible ability to build and manage partnerships, both of which will be leveraged in his new role as Director of Development,” said Rob Reeves, CEO/President of Redfish Technology. “Hiring Andy into this role is part of our commitment to greater participation and partnerships in the High Tech sectors, and reflective of the volume and importance of our business in the Bay Area”. Read more »