Recruiting Success Stories: Justin McDaniel, CRM SaaS

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Recruiting Success Stories:

Featured Placement – Justin McDaniel

Account Executive – CRM SaaS

Justin McDaniel


Companies enlist Redfish Technology to recruit Sales and Marketing folks when they are ready to grow aggressively. The bar is set high from the initial conversation. He or she expects tenure with roles, relevant software experience and passion. In this particular role, the CEO needed someone with experience selling to public agencies and a proven track record in selling enterprise software, ERP and SaaS. Founded in 2000, Read more »

Recruiting Success Stories: Arun Wright, Customer Success Engineer – Gamification

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Recruiting Success Stories

Arun-WrightFeatured Placement – Arun Wright

Customer Success Engineer – Gamification


Bunchball’s VP of Client Services tapped Redfish Technology when the team recently decided to hire a Customer Success Engineer. As the industry leader in gamification, Bunchball works with some of the largest consumer and B2B companies in the world. The company’s gamification platform and powerful analytics Read more »

Recruiting Priorities: SaaS/Cloud, Software Version Management, and e-Learning Jobs 9-24-2013

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Recruiting Priorities in SaaS/Cloud, Software Version Management, and e-Learning Jobs

Redfish Technology Tuesday Jobs Madness2013-09-24-Priority-Jobs-Wordle


This week our top recruiting priorities are for Senior Pre-Sales Solution Consultant – Cloud/SaaS; CRM Consultant – Cloud Implementation; Product Marketing Manager – SCM, Software Version Management; DevOps Engineer – e-Learning; and Read more »

Women in the Tech Sector

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Women in the Tech SectorWomen in Technology


Women hold 56% of professional jobs, but only 25% of IT jobs. Women are the minority of executives at Fortune 500 tech companies (11%) and even less found tech start-ups (5%).


Even though more women (68%) earn a Bachelor’s degree, Women only account for 18% of those earning Computer and Info Science degrees in 2009.


When they do choose the tech sector, women’s pay is still not on par with men’s. The three best paid jobs are computer programmers, computer & information systems managers, and computer software engineershowever women earn 5%, 18%, and 9% less respectively as compared to their male counterparts. Read more »

Tech Trends – The PC is Dead, … Do Recent Tech Sector Job Cuts Worry You?

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Tech Trends – The PC is Dead, Long Live the PC

Keyboard RIP

Do Recent Tech Sector Job Cuts Worry You?


Tech-Sector Job Cuts Surged by 144% in the second quarter according to global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. The byline of the press release portends more job cuts caused by the diminishing sales of personal computers. Indeed, the technology sector layoffs reportedly more than doubled during the latest quarter. Computer job cuts jumped up to 16,404 in Q2. But despite this increase in tech-sector job cuts, overall the downsizing has slowed from a year ago.


But is it all gloom and doom? Read more »