Cloud Computing: Stormy Skies or Rainbows & Pots of Gold?

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Cloud Forecast?Cloud Computing:

What’s the Forecast?

Stormy Skies or Rainbows & Pots of Gold?

Data breach is costly and perilous whether your data is in-house or up in the cloud. Paypal, Visa and Mastercard were all attacked by hacktivists reportedly. Then there was the Amazon interruption last month which was likened to the computing equivalent of an airplane crash, by Lew Moorman, chief strategy officer of Rackspace a specialist in data center services. Sony’s PlayStation Network and Qriocity online services have been down since April 20th and will be down until at least May 31th. Ouch! Read more »

Priority High Tech Jobs from Redfish Technology

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Priority High Tech Jobs from Redfish Technology

This week’s top high tech career opportunities are in the Northeast for Software Engineers in Online Marketing, Social Networking, Telecom/VOIP; Sales Manager in 3D Channels, Enterprise Software, Digital Media; Product Manager in Online Customer Service. In the South we need Software Developers in Mobile, Security, Networks; Sales Executives and Product Managers in SaaS and Analytics; In the West looking for Account Executives in Enterprise Software; Sales Engineers in Networking, Wireless, Recovery; Architects and Developers in SaaS, Cloud, Open Source, Wireless; in the Midwest we have a priority hire for Sales Executives in Unified Communications and SaaS; and more! Read more »

Information Technology Trends: Hot Companies, VC Bets

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Information Technology Trends
Hot Companies, VC Bets

Yesteryear’s top bets

VentureBeat’s top 10 VCs in 2010 included hot companies Twitter, Zynga, and Groupon. This creamy top ten included only one non-web/digital-media company: Boston-Power, maker of EV and Grid lithium-ion batteries.

Software was the single biggest benefactor in 2010 according to The PwC MoneyTreeTM Report Q4 2010/Full-year 2010. Life Sciences (biotech and medical devices) took nearly 1/3rd of the VC market. CleanTech grew significantly taking with five of the top ten deals in 2010 attracting 17% of VC dollars; the same percentage was invested in internet-based companies.

IT Services, Tele¬communications, and Media & Entertainment all saw big dollar increases in 2010 as venture capital investment rises for the first time since 2007.

This year’s top 50

2011’s Wall Street Journal’s most likely to succeed US-based VC-funded companies shows a similar bent. The second annual “Top 50 Venture-Backed Companies” picks are based on the capital raised, the experience and track record of the talent and investors, and have a valuation of $1b or less. The winners are in Information Technology (23 out of 50), Business & Financial Services (12), Health Care (8), and Consumer Services (6). Read more »

Priority Job Opportunities in High Tech from Redfish Technology

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Priority High Tech Jobs from Redfish Technology

This week’s top career opportunities are: Sales Executives, Sales Engineers, Enterprise Sales Representatives, Sales & Channel Operations, Software Developers, Engineers, Web Developers, Data Center Managers in SaaS, Social Media, Financial Software, Networking and Security, eLearning, 3D Modeling, Digital Media, and more! Read more »

What To Look For When Choosing An IT Technical Support Provider

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As IT maintenance becomes more complex, companies have found it more cost effective to contract with highly trained and experienced IT technical support to supplement or replace internal IT staff. There is no lack of IT maintenance services available, but when comparing their service packages there are several important things to look for before making a final selection.

Disaster Prevention

IT maintenance services should always have the goal of 100% uptime. There are many threats to data center operations, and the provider should be ready to not only handle problems when they occur, but to anticipate and plan for them. Think of it this way – a homeowner might be glad the fire department responds in minutes if his house is burning, but he also needs to install smoke alarms to ensure the fire is detected in the first place. Read more »