Semantic Technology Trends

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Tech Trends & OpportunitiesSemantic Technology Trends


Redfish Technology works with some very interesting technology companies, and by virtue of this arena we meet a lot of interesting people. Part of the allure of tech recruiting is the opportunity to be involved with so many exciting people and companies, and typically at especially exciting growth phases in their trajectory.


Semantic technology is a great example. Expert System, a unique big data firm specialized in semantic intelligence technology, is a growth-mode client leading the industry with cutting-edge patented technology that allows for semantic differentiation in big data. Read more »

Recruiting, Staffing & Employment News – July 2014

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Slack in the Market?staffing, recruiting, employment news image


No slack here at Redfish Technology!

June recruiting covered a lot of high tech territory with hiring in Customer Loyalty Software Technology, Semantic Intelligence Software, ePayment Stealth Mode Startup, Social Music Connection Platform, and Mobile Applications sectors. The hottest roles hired for included: Project Manager, Senior Account Executive, Senior Database Administrator, Data Team Manager, and Senior DevOps Engineer. Read more »

Recruiting Priorities: 3D Modeling Software, Big Data, Semantic Intelligence Software Jobs 1-27-2014

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Recruiting Priorities 3D Modeling Software, Big Data, Semantic Intelligence Software Jobs

Redfish Technology Tuesday Jobs Madness2014-01-28-Redfish-Jobs


This week our top recruiting priorities are for Software Engineer, UI Designer, Marketing Programs Specialist – 3D Modeling Software; Implementation Architect, Solutions Engineer and Project Manager – Big Data; Computational Linguist – Semantic Intelligence Software; and Read more »