Why Should Employers Bother with Social Media?

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Company Social MediaWhy Should Employers Bother with Social Media?


By now your company probably has 3 or more social media accounts, and it has for some time. It is not always apparent why besides the fact that all your consultants and marketers said you should, and all your competitors do.



Knowing what the right metrics are and how to measure success is another challenge. If Coca Cola has 91 million likes/followers on their Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter page, and your competitor has 486: Which should be the benchmark for your company? And are views more important than click-throughs? According to AdAge, the correlation between that click and a conversion is virtually nonexistent. Ug, that’s no help! Read more »

Use Social Media to Make Yourself More Attractive in the Job Market. Part 1

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Use Social Media to Make Yourself More Attractive in the Job Market

Leah O'Flynn, Tech Recruiter

Part 1

By Leah O’Flynn Executive Recruiter & Team Manager, Tech Talent Division


Recruiting tools have come a long way since the days of file cabinets and fax machines. Today’s tools are social media and cloud-based applicant tracking systems. Professionals can make themselves more attractive in the job market by maintaining an active and professional online presence in the places where employers, recruiters, and colleagues are looking to connect.


Part one of this article will focus on where you should focus your online presence. Part two will address optimization of your social media in a competitive job market. Read more »

10 Things You Need to Do In Your Job Search

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Ten Things You Need to Do In Your Job Search

Ten Things You Need to Do In Your Job SearchDo you find yourself looking for a new career opportunity? Has it been a while? Here are ten things you should do in your job search.

1. Set aside time every day to perform your job searching activities.

An active job search requires dedication. How much time will it take? That depends on your situation and your motivation. If you are working, it may be only 30-60 minutes per day; if you are out of work and are motivated to find a job soon, then you should consider your job search a full-time activity.

2. Do Some Self-Assessment.

Take a good hard look at yourself. What are your best attributes? What are your least developed ones? Where do you excel? What do you bring to the table? What are you accomplishments?  Quantify these. This exercise is imperative for re-vamping your resume and preparing for interviews, but more importantly this type of self-assessment should allow you to take a fresh look at the kind of work and industries that you want to pursue. Read more »

Tech Trends: Techno-tainment. Playing Around with Technology

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Tech Trends


Playing Around with Technology


Technology has taken art, social, and entertainment to all kinds of new levels that we never imagined possible just a few short years ago! Here are some favorites.


Engage with your Favorite Musicians


Some really fun social media platforms out there are near and dear to our hearts. BandPage is one of them! This company is unlocking new opportunities for the music industry by connecting musicians, fans and partners on a single platform. From Alicia Keys and Beyonce to Stone Foxes and Usher, more than 500,000 musicians use this company’s platform to create amazing interactions between artists and their fans, building deeper relationships between them. From interviewing your favorite musician to singing with them onstage, bands offer up a variety of experiences, BandPage help musicians create new revenue streams and drive higher fan engagement. The platform allows musicians to upload their profile, bio, pictures, videos, tracks and tour dates – and then update that information across the social web. Read more »

High Employee Turnover Equals High Costs. Can You Afford to Ignore Your Online Reputation?

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High Employee Turnover Equals High Costs

Suprrise Face

Can You Afford to Ignore Your Online Reputation?

By Robert Teal, CCP, CBP

In today’s environment of ubiquitous social media, job seekers have unprecedented access to information about an organization’s workforce stability, turnover, and culture. As much as an out-of-work employee may need and want a job, many talented workers shy away from an employer with a poor workforce reputation.

Paul Shread, writing for Time’s Business and Money on March 01, 2013, stated, “Want to hire great employees and keep them happy? Make sure you have a good social media reputation.” Read more »

Priority Tech Jobs from Redfish Technology

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Priority Tech Jobs from Redfish Technology

This week our top recruiting priorities for: Sales Director – Financial Services Software, Sales Executive – Cloud, Sales Exec – Enterprise Software, Senior Software Developer – Social Media, Disruptive Technology, Enterprise Video, SaaS, Director Online Marketing – Web, VP Marketing – Business Service Management, Brand  & Product Managers – Games, and much more.  Read more »