Recruiting Success Stories: Amy Labroo, Digital Media

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Amy Labroo

Amy Labroo

Recruiting Success Stories:

Featured Placement – Amy Labroo

Director of Audience Development – Digital Media

This exciting digital media company partnered with Redfish Technology to find a Director of Audience Development to focus on increasing website traffic, strengthening existing partnerships and improving visitor retention. This dynamic privately-held company is building a unique brand focused on an online community dedicated to love & relationships. Read more »

Companies Refocus on Innovation, Competition, Hiring

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Staffing & Employment News:

Companies Refocus on Innovation, Competition, Hiring

Despite uncertainty, companies are refocusing on innovation, and hiring to gain/keep competitive edge. CEOs and search consultants express confidence in 2011. The biggest risks remain the recession, but talent acquisition may also be a challenge.

The latest short term data is in today. Despite a smaller gain than anticipated in payrolls, the U.S. unemployment rate dropped unexpectedly to a low unseen since April 2009: 9%. Short terms data aside, the outlook for 2011 is to refocus on innovation, competition, and hiring.

The 14th Annual Global CEO Survey [1] shows that CEOs are aiming at immediate growth and a big jump in revenue growth prospects over 2011. Confidence levels are rising across the board with more companies anticipating growing their payrolls than they did in 2010. According to the survey, as hiring plans gear up, a shortage in talent is becoming more apparent; two-thirds of CEOs believe they’re facing a limited supply of skilled candidates. Read more »

Putting the “Human” in Social Media…the Increased Importance of Good Recruiting

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Putting the “Human” in Social Media…the Increased Importance of Good Recruiting

by Shannon Tinker

Social networking and recruiting has expanded beyond our wildest dreams and offers a gazillion (roughly) free ways to connect with people.  If predictions are accurate, we can expect 50% of web marketing and sales to attribute their growth to a social presence by 2015. Considering the number of free resources, it’s natural to question the need for recruiters and recruiting agencies altogether.  How do you quantify recruiting and justify recruiting costs, when most everyone is visible to the googling public? Has technology and the Internet posed a threat to the recruiting world, as we know it?  Or, has it made professional recruiters more valuable than ever? Read more »

Priority Job Opportunities in High Tech from Redfish Technology

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Priority High Tech Jobs from Redfish Technology

This week’s top career opportunities are: Sales Executives, Sales Engineers, Enterprise Sales Representatives, Sales & Channel Operations, Software Developers, Engineers, Web Developers, Data Center Managers in SaaS, Social Media, Financial Software, Networking and Security, eLearning, 3D Modeling, Digital Media, and more! Read more »

Priority Job Opportunities in High Tech from Redfish Technology

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Kicking off 2011 with Hot Priority Job Opportunities

Here are the Priority Tech Jobs of the week – Check out these exciting career positions in Digital Media, SAAS, Social Media & Advertising, Unified Communications, Storage & Disaster Recovery, Telecom, Wireless, VOIP, Network Security. Recruiting Sales Managers, Product Managers, Software Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers, and more! Read more »