Build a Successful Team Without Breaking the Bank

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Build a Successful Team Without Breaking the Bank


  • Identify the needs. Take a look at a 1, 3, and 5 year plan as best as can be estimated and list out the roles that you can anticipate needing.
  • Triage: The art of prioritization.  One of my favorite reminders to myself throughout my work week is that there is a difference between urgent and important.  Urgent things tend to get attention, but sometimes it is at the expense of important things.  For example, a ringing phone is urgent, now.  We need to answer it, and if it goes much longer, the caller is going to hang up.  So we stop our work and we answer it even though it may not have been the top of our list of important items.    Finishing a presentation for a client or investor may have been a better use of your time but you sacrificed it for the ringing phone.  Same is true for hiring.  Identify which roles are the most important to fill (sometimes a role is urgent AND important) and focus on filling those first.
  • Big Picture: Just because you’ve prioritized, doesn’t mean you’re wearing blinders.  You’ve taken the time to identify your needs and preference of hiring order, but the world isn’t always equally so organized.  If a resume comes across your desk that fits a hire you had targeted for next quarter, don’t discount it solely due to your preconceived schedule.  Sometimes the best candidate is available a little early, and if you can be opportunistic in your hiring, you can grab great talent when it’s available.  We’ve all been in the situation where waiting a month or a quarter costs us 3-4 more months of searching and interviewing rather than bringing someone up to speed.  Let’s avoid that if possible!
  • Working with recruiters. Recruiting can be expensive so be smart.  It goes without saying that you should always mine your own networks first – not only do you save a recruiting fee, but you also often times have a built in reference for the candidate.  However, if  you do decide to use a recruiter, here are some tips:
  • Find a recruiter you like, trust and that has a track record of performance
  • Give them the big hiring picture and the immediate priorities
  • Give them clear guidelines and feedback – this saves everyone time and money
  • Decide what type of recruiting arrangement works best for your needs (contingency, mutually committed, or retained) and then build a relationship with your recruiter. Having recruited for almost 25 years, I can promise you that relationships matter here as much as they do everywhere else.  If a hiring manager is committed, respectful and responsive, recruiters will move them to the IMPORTANT  file- even if others seem more urgent…


Rob Reeves is the CEO of Redfish Technology ( and has recruited in the Technology and Clean Energy sectors for over 2 decades.  He lives in Sun Valley, Idaho with his wife and two kids.

The Top 5 Secrets to Landing your Dream Job – By Tory Thomas

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The Top 5 Secrets to Landing your Dream Job

By Tory Thomas, Executive Recruiter, IT Sales & Marketing

Tory Thomas, Executive Recruiter, Tech Sales & Marketing Division

I work with job seekers on a daily basis as a recruiter in the tech industry. Often times, candidates are unaware of a few tactics that can give them competitive edge in this market.


This difference between an active job seeker versus and passive job seeker is their work status. An active job seeker is unemployed, unsatisfied in their current role or a reduction in force is imminent whereas a passive job seeker isn’t necessarily looking for a new job. Read more »

Recruiting Success Stories: Jermaine Chism, Cloud Hosting

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Recruiting Success Stories:

Featured Placement – Jermaine Chism

Linux Customer Technical Support – Cloud Hosting

Jermaine Chism, Recruiting Success Story

Working closely with hiring managers at Linode to find the right talent, Redfish understands that this early leader in the cloud hosting industry continues to be a leader because of the company’s uncompromising passion about being the best Read more »

Recruiting Success Stories: Feng Hong, Cloud Hosting

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Recruiting Success Stories:

Featured Placement – Feng Hong

Customer Support Specialist – Cloud Hosting

Feng Hong

Hiring aggressively but with a rigorous process, Linode’s ever-growing customer base and offerings necessitate top quality Linux technical support professionals. As an early leader in the cloud hosting industry that continues to be a leader in virtualization hosting, the company strives to provide the best service and technology. Proud and protective of Read more »

Recruiting Success Stories: Justin McDaniel, CRM SaaS

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Recruiting Success Stories:

Featured Placement – Justin McDaniel

Account Executive – CRM SaaS

Justin McDaniel


Companies enlist Redfish Technology to recruit Sales and Marketing folks when they are ready to grow aggressively. The bar is set high from the initial conversation. He or she expects tenure with roles, relevant software experience and passion. In this particular role, the CEO needed someone with experience selling to public agencies and a proven track record in selling enterprise software, ERP and SaaS. Founded in 2000, Read more »

Recruiting Success Stories: Nidhi Jaiswal, Enterprise Content Delivery

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Recruiting Success Stories:

Featured Placement – Nidhi Jaiswal

User Experience Designer – Enterprise Content Delivery

Nidhi Jaiswal

This cloud-based software company enables content delivery solutions for some of the world’s largest enterprise companies. Through its powerful Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN), Kontiki enables high quality holistic content delivery that is secure, reliable, network-friendly and easily deployed. Read more »

Tech Recruiting Priorities – Director of Sales, Partner Development Manager, Sales Specialist, Full-Stack & Senior Server Engineers – week of 1-6-2015

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Weekly Tech Career Opportunity Spotlight


This week, our tech recruiting priorities are: Director of Sales, Partner Development Manager, Sales Specialist Leads Generation – EdTech; Full-Stack Software Engineer – AdTech; Senior Server Engineer – Enterprise Big Data and more.


Happy New Year! – We have great new opportunities to make 2015 an exciting career year for you!


Education Technology


Redfish is recruiting for several dynamic eLearning and EdTech companies at the moment. We are searching for a Partner Development Manager (#21752) for a Boston area EdTech startup that began as part of a business accelerator program, the company brings the power of public radio into the classroom with essential Common Core listening skills. We are looking for an experienced and talented Partner Development Manager to help grow the network of schools. Position may be remote. Read more »

Success Stories: Raj Sen Sharma, Communication & Collaboration Platform

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Recruiting Success Stories:

Featured Placement – Raj Sen Sharma

Director of Product Management – Communication & Collaboration PlatformRaj Sen Sharma


In collaboration with senior management, Redfish has been recruiting for several key roles for this Communication & Collaboration Platform creator. Moxtra provides real-time engagement via chat,voice calls, to-dos, videos, documents, screen sharing, annotation and voice and Read more »

Success Stories: Tanny O’Haley, Banking Financial Services

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Recruiting Success Stories:

Featured Placement – Tanny O’HaleyTanny-O'Haley

Senior Programmer – Banking/Financial Services


Enlisted by the visionaries of this stealth-mode Banking/Financial Services startup, Redfish has been recruiting for a variety of their early hires. Three years in the making, this privately-funded company is realizing the revolutionary idea of bringing banking services to the international underclass. Founded on the idea that we are all part of the global community, and Read more »