The Top 5 Secrets to Landing your Dream Job – By Tory Thomas

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The Top 5 Secrets to Landing your Dream Job

By Tory Thomas, Executive Recruiter, IT Sales & Marketing

Tory Thomas, Executive Recruiter, Tech Sales & Marketing Division

I work with job seekers on a daily basis as a recruiter in the tech industry. Often times, candidates are unaware of a few tactics that can give them competitive edge in this market.


This difference between an active job seeker versus and passive job seeker is their work status. An active job seeker is unemployed, unsatisfied in their current role or a reduction in force is imminent whereas a passive job seeker isn’t necessarily looking for a new job. Read more »

Recruiting Success Stories: Nidhi Jaiswal, Enterprise Content Delivery

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Recruiting Success Stories:

Featured Placement – Nidhi Jaiswal

User Experience Designer – Enterprise Content Delivery

Nidhi Jaiswal

This cloud-based software company enables content delivery solutions for some of the world’s largest enterprise companies. Through its powerful Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN), Kontiki enables high quality holistic content delivery that is secure, reliable, network-friendly and easily deployed. Read more »

Success Stories: Raj Sen Sharma, Communication & Collaboration Platform

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Recruiting Success Stories:

Featured Placement – Raj Sen Sharma

Director of Product Management – Communication & Collaboration PlatformRaj Sen Sharma


In collaboration with senior management, Redfish has been recruiting for several key roles for this Communication & Collaboration Platform creator. Moxtra provides real-time engagement via chat,voice calls, to-dos, videos, documents, screen sharing, annotation and voice and Read more »