REASON #5 – Why You Should Work at Redfish Technology – Team Building Events!

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REASON #5 – Why You Should Work at Redfish technology – Team Building Events!

Work hard, play hard…we put in plenty of long days serving our clients & candidates, but make sure to balance it out with some seriously fun times, including trips to; Vegas, Napa, SF, Seattle, Halloween parties, Charity Balls, Golf Tournaments, Marathons.

Redfish tech is one of those special companies where we can put in 10+hr days and look forward to hanging out together outside of work (including Thanksgiving dinner at Leah O’Flynn’s next week!).




Sun Valley Wellness – The Men of Wellness: Scott Carlin, Rob Reeves, and Nick Maricich

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Sun Valley Wellness Festival & The Men of Wellness.

SVPN-Wellness Festival Welcome

Premier Wellness Event

Recognized as one of the top wellness events in the US, this year’s Sun Valley Wellness Festival brought together over 20 top speakers, writers and practitioners addressing body, mind, and spiritual wellness, including Alan Cohen of Chicken Soup for the Soul, anti-aging pioneer Dr. Uzzi Reiss, yoga master Saul David Raye, author of Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth Gilbert and others came to inspire the valley to be well.


The Sun Valley Wellness Festival defines wellness as “the dynamic process of becoming aware of Read more »

Overcoming Relocation Hurdles

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Overcoming Relocation Hurdles in Talent Acquisition and Retention

Greg Schreiner

Greg Schreiner

By Greg Schreiner, Executive Recruiter, Clean Tech Talent Manager

Despite the high rate of unemployment, finding the right talent remains an issue. A recent survey by Robert Half reported that just over half the executives reported that it is difficult to find skilled professional talent currently.

When finding the right talent locally doesn’t pan out, relocation is often the only alternative. And while relocation adds to the human resources expense, the majority of firms recognize the importance of this component in attracting the talent they want. The 2010 Atlas Van Lines Corporate Relocation Survey reports that 67% of companies offered incentives to encourage relocations in 2010. Financial and other incentives can overcome the hurdles to relocation. Read more »

What Are Employers Doing About Work-Life Balance? And What are the Employer Benefits?

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Work/Life Balance

– part 2

In December we looked at some tips for people to achieve work-life balance and put forth our own survey. Click to view the results of the Redfish survey. This month we focus on various approaches companies are taking to address work-life balance, and reap benefits from the mobility and flexibility that technology facilitates and more and more employees desire.

What Are Employers Doing About Work-Life Balance? And What are the Employer Benefits?

This month, there are several articles on strategies that companies are employing to not only help their employees achieve better work-life balance, but also impact the company’s bottom line. BestBuy, Citrix, Microsoft, Google, and more companies than you think have programs to address work/life balance and employee satisfaction, many include some form of telework (a.k.a. telecommuting, workshifting, remote work, location-neutral work, and doubtlessly some other terms). Read more »

Studies Show Teleworkers Have More Job Satisfaction, and Work Harder!

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Studies Show Teleworkers Have More Job Satisfaction, and Work Harder!

A research study conducted by Kathryn Fonner, UWM and Michael Roloff, Northwestern University, analyzed conflicting perspectives on the advantages and disadvantages of a location-neutral workforce. Two sets of employees were surveyed: traditional employees, who work in an office-based setting with their colleagues on a full-time basis; and teleworkers, who work from a location of their choice outside of the traditional office at least three days a week.

The results showed that while physical proximity provides the advantage of daily face-to-face dialogue, it “may not be necessary for an effective and satisfying work environment”. There are also disadvantages such as less effective and autonomous time management. In fact, a primary conclusion of the study is that limited face-to-face communication offers many advantages. Read more »

Redfish Technology is one of the Best Places to Work

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Redfish Technology is one of the Best Places to Work

Joanna Edwards

Joanna Bradley

By Joanna Bradley, Executive Recruiter, High Tech Sales & Marketing Division Manager

About 24 months ago I read a truly inspirational article that required immediate attention. The article, written in Outside Magazine, was about the 50 best places to work and I thought; well hell… why isn’t my company on that list? I have made it a mission to express to Outside staff and readers alike that Redfish Technology is deserving of an accolade or two for our work/life balance. And although I am still diligently trying to get us on that list, I figured I would share Redfish’s philosophy with our ever-growing fan club. Read more »