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About Redfish Technology

Like our animal namesake, Redfish Technology Recruiters (“Fish”) are a resilient and determined species pushing through scarcity currents, fluctuating markets, emerging technology, resistance, and obstacles to over-deliver for our clients. With distributed teams across the United States, we can remove the geographical barriers and service all major tech hubs in the country. Leveraging our over 25 years of history, relationships, and experience, we have the tools, infrastructure, and leadership to differentiate ourselves in a big ocean. While our work is nationwide, our charities and giving efforts are local and focused on the communities we live in, and we’re proud to have been recognized for the impact we’ve made. Our values of Integrity, Authenticity, and Accountability pervade our work, while Respect, Teamwork, and Fun pervade our culture.

Since our inception in 1996, Redfish Technology has solidified our place as a pillar of the technology recruitment industry. We deliver value to our clients, emphasizing lasting partnerships and timely hires. With the resources, talent, and experience we have access to, we can offer a JIT (Just In Time) Recruitment service, allowing our clients to build the teams they need when they need them. We believe talent provided by a recruitment service should be held to a higher standard and that as experts in our industry, we can provide a value-added service that extends beyond delivering talent and incorporates best hiring practices, industry trends, job description assistance, onboarding, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts.

To achieve a long-term partnership status, Redfish Technology has deliberately expanded over our quarter century+ of existence to further support our client’s needs. Now in multiple locations and leveraging our AI Software, Video Screening Process, and Industry expertise, we are able to provide a Best In Class talent experience to the fastest growing companies in the technology industry.

Why Work With Redfish

Make Faster Hires

With our extensive candidate network and dynamic team search approach, Redfish recruiters can greatly reduce your time to hire compared to in-house hiring processes.

Reduce Your Team’s Workload

Redfish recruiters handle every step of the process, including finding talent, screening candidates, scheduling interviews, conducting reference checks, and negotiating the offer, freeing up your in-house HR staff to focus on their other responsibilities.

Get Personal Attention

We form the same in-depth relationships with clients that we establish with candidates, taking the time to fully understand your company and needs and giving each client a single point of contact for all communications.

Access Extensive Tech Knowledge

We understand the roles we recruit for inside and out, whether that’s the technical jargon familiar to engineers and programmers or the skills that make an exceptional sales or marketing hire. When we send along a candidate, you can trust they have what it takes to excel.

Leverage Our Reputation and Experience

With 20+ years in the recruiting industry, Redfish Technology has built an extensive network of connections and candidates, and our reputation precedes us. We’re a recruiting firm top talent wants to work with, giving you access to better talent than you’ll find from other services.

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