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Exponential growth, ever-increasing value, and an explosion of opportunity: welcome to the fintech industry. As cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology find themselves on the tip of everyone’s tongue, our fintech recruiters are ready to help you seize the moment with exceptional finance professionals.

Demand Is Growing for Fintech Talent

Financial firms today have access to an unprededented amount of data, and many firm leaders don't have the knowledge to develop an effective data management strategy on their own. The right fintech can help insurance and banking leadership forecast and enhance investments, but to reap those benefits they need people who can design these services, manage the information, and keep that data secure. Finding workers to fill those positions is increasingly challenging in today's world of high employee expectations and staffing shortages.

The Redfish Advantage

Redfish is a recruitment agency that understands the unique needs and challenges of the financial tech sector. For employers, our in-depth recruitment process lets us serve as consultants to improve your entire hiring approach. For applicants, we focus on building relationships, identifying your career goals and workplace needs to find your ideal placement. From software startups to multinational investment banks, Redfish headhunters help companies fill fintech jobs to build brilliant teams.

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Redfish Technology lives at the intersection of creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation. Founded in 1996, our unique expertise in fintech recruiting has helped grow businesses from coast to coast, with deep roots in the country’s biggest tech hubs. Are you ready to take your company to the next level?

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Sr. Enterprise Account Executive

A 50 person Data Security client needed to build out its first Enterprise Sales team. They asked us to target the Fintech space and find Enterprise Account Execs who had sold a software solution to C Suite Executives. Over the next 3 months, we submitted 15 screened candidates and filled the 4 reqs accross the United States.

Lead Infrastructure Engineer

The Founder of a Bain Capital/Lightspeed Ventures startup in San Francisco needed a Lead Infrastructure engineer who combined the skills of Dev/Ops, Functional Programming, CI/CD AND Machine Learning.

They were series A and growing aggressively, so they needed someone who could do the technical work as well as lead a team underneath them. We found them a perfect M.I.T fit who has been there almost 3 yrs and helped double the size of the company!

Sr Backend Engineer

A 100 person fintech company asked for our help in finding a Sr. Backend Engineer along with a Full Stack Engineer with Node.JS experience. We quickly realized finding Sr. Engineers with Node.JS experience wasn't an easy search. We successfully filled the roles within 10 weeks and both engineers are still with the company, 2+ years later.

Sr Dev/Ops Engineer

A Unicorn Company in the Fintech space hired us to find a DevOps person as they were adding new states every month. The tech screen was especially difficult because less than 20% of potential candidates passed the screen. This person has since been promoted and is still with the company, almost 3 years later.

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We can help you hire for a variety of fintech roles

Back End Developer
Deep Learning Engineer
DevOps OR Dev/Ops
Front End Developer
Full Stack Developer/Engineer
Head of Software/Development/Engineering
Machine Learning Engineer/Developer
Presales engineer
Quality Assurance Engineer (QA, SQA)
Software Engineer (Sr, Lead)
Solutions Architect/Engineer
UX Engineer/Developer
VP of Marketing

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