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Technology experience, business mindset: product management talent is rare and essential. These professionals help companies bridge the gap between levels and areas of the organization to achieve shared business goals, connecting product research, development and design with operations, sales, and marketing teams to create a cohesive strategy for bringing products to market.

Finding the Right Product Management Talent

The varied job requirements and traits people need to thrive in a product manager role are the main reasons recruiting product managers presents challenges for employers. The responsibilities of this job extend beyond being a firm leader for the product vision, product strategy, and product development process. They also support everyone on the product team, ensuring they have the resources they need and facilitating communications with other organization leaders. Often, their responsibility extends to customer services, as well, from product marketing to things like end user support services and data analytics, using information on past customers to shape the content, features, and design approach for future projects.

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At Redfish recruitment agency, we are experts in the product management world and understand the unique needs and value of these jobs. Our network of skilled product managers have the leadership skills and industry expertise required to excel in this career. Our recruiters give personalized attention to every job they fill, asking candidates the right questions to ensure they're an ideal fit before we send them your way, then stay involved throughout the interview process and offer negotiation. If you have a product management opportunity to fill, call today to find out if Redfish's recruiting service is your solution.

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Redfish Technology lives at the intersection of creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation. Founded in 1996, our unique expertise in product management recruiting has helped grow businesses from coast to coast, with deep roots in the country’s biggest tech hubs. Are you ready to take your company to the next level?

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Sr Product Manager

Our long-term client had reached out to us looking for a Senior Product Manager to lead the growth of a new Ad-Tech product line. After speaking with the Director of Product, we had determined the skill set that would be required and were able to source candidates quickly to ensure our client’s plans for growth could remain on track. We were ultimately able to find the ideal candidate that had industry experience, lead NPI efforts, and was excited to be a part of our client’s future. We were able to set expectations on both sides and ultimately help both the candidate and client move forward with their number 1 choice.

Chief Product Officer

The CEO of a Hive funded startup needed to build out his Executive Team with a Technology Expert and Team Builder rolled into one Chief Product Officer. To add to the challenge, he also preferred Industrial AI experience and a strong education. In three weeks we delivered a PHD from Johns Hopkins who was currently a hands-on VP in the space and looking for an early stage startup. Bullseye!

Product Lead

A client of ours with over 100M in funding, asked for our help in finding a Product Lead. We placed this person within 8 weeks, and she went on to start their InfoSec team and wrote their first information security policy.

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Director of Product
Head of Product
Product Architect
Product Designer
Product Developer
Product Manager
Product Owner
Product Supervisor
VP/Vice President of Product

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