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From drivers of executive decision making to individual creative contributors, find the industry’s best IT marketing talent in the Redfish network. Real-time problem solvers? Savvy metric managers? Branding experts for brand-new products? Whatever type of IT marketing job you're hiring into, Redfish's marketing headhunters can connect your organization with the digital marketing talent your firm needs.

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Our IT marketing recruiters connect companies with marketing managers, department leaders, and creative professionals in content marketing, product marketing, event marketing, growth marketing, market research, marketing analytics, and so much more. Whether you're looking for Google Adwords strategy experts, SEO specialists to drive more web traffic, leads, and conversions, marketers who can handle the design, planning, and execution of new ad campaigns, or public relations employees to manage your entire online presence and reputation, Redfish's people-first approach and in-depth hiring process lets us fill your jobs with quality candidates who are an ideal fit for your culture.

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What makes our agency and services different from others? The short answer is that we ask the right questions of both employers and job seekers to identify, not just candidates with the necessary skills, but the person who will be the perfect match for your opportunity. We bring a personal touch to employment, identifying what candidates want out of their job search then using these insights to pair them with opportunities that meet these goals. We give that same personalized attention to company leadership, digging into the company's history and values to find out where they want to go and the most important factors in their staffing decisions. That's why companies across the United States ranging from Fortune 500 firms and industry leaders to small startup teams trust us to find solutions to their marketer hiring challenges.

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Redfish Technology lives at the intersection of creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation. Founded in 1996, our unique expertise in IT marketing recruiting has helped grow businesses from coast to coast, with deep roots in the country’s biggest tech hubs. Are you ready to take your company to the next level?

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Sr Product Manager

Our long-term client had reached out to us looking for a Senior Product Manager to lead the growth of a new Ad-Tech product line. After speaking with the Director of Product, we had determined the skill set that would be required and were able to source candidates quickly to ensure our client’s plans for growth could remain on track. We were ultimately able to find the ideal candidate that had industry experience, lead NPI efforts, and was excited to be a part of our client’s future. We were able to set expectations on both sides and ultimately help both the candidate and client move forward with their number 1 choice.

Chief Product Officer

The CEO of a Hive funded startup needed to build out his Executive Team with a Technology Expert and Team Builder rolled into one Chief Product Officer. To add to the challenge, he also preferred Industrial AI experience and a strong education. In three weeks we delivered a PHD from Johns Hopkins who was currently a hands-on VP in the space and looking for an early stage startup. Bullseye!

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Content Marketing
Content Strategist
Demand Gen
Digital Marketing
Director of Marketing
Growth Marketing
Marketing Manager
Paid Search (head of, vp, director)
Paid Social Media Manager
Performance Marketing
Product Manager
Product Marketing
Product Marketing Manager (PMM)
SEM Manager
User Acquisition
VP of Marketing

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