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Edtech Recruiters and Executive Search

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Our commitment to the education sector is a cornerstone at Redfish. We help teams leverage edtech talent to manage challenges ranging from absentee management to online courses and tools to help instructors teach in hybrid educational environments.

Demand for Edtech Talent Is Growing

The education technology industry exploded in 2020. The sudden shift to online learning left students and professors both scrambling for a better approach to teach and learn using the internet. A plethora of new instructional products have emerged as a result, but while the growth of edtech services gives organizations more options, this content is useless without professionals in key positions who know how to use it. Many K-12 institutions are struggling to provide equal education service to students who lack access to a computer, and administration leaders are often wary of the costs and logistic challenges of integrating multimedia education tools into the classroom.

Find Better Talent with Redfish

At Redfish, we understand the challenges faced by both edtech providers and the institutions who use their products, and know how to find the top talent in both markets. Redfish edtech and e-learning recruiters offer deep experience in the field, advising clients on strategy and seeking new ways to enhance their work with technology. We take the same in-depth approach to building relationships with our network of candidates, going beyond the resume with a thorough, dedicated hiring process that ensures people we suggest for an interview are an ideal match for your role. Whether you seek to manage spending, create a virtual college experience, or simply explore what’s possible, our edtech talent makes it happen.

Recruit with Redfish

Redfish Technology lives at the intersection of creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation. Founded in 1996, our unique expertise in edtech recruiting has helped grow businesses from coast to coast, with deep roots in the country’s biggest tech hubs. Are you ready to take your company to the next level?

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Our successful edtech searches keep our clients happy

Account Executive

We scaled a US remote sales team for an edtech startup in the STEM space from zero to six people in less than a year. Our edtech team then placed their Director of Sales to manage the account executives who we already placed. Due to success on the sales side, we were then asked to help scale their Customer Success and Implementation teams. All of these searches were completed within two months from the initial request and the hires are all meeting expectations.

Senior Engineer

An Engineering Manager in the edtech space reached out to us asked for our help finding remote stellar Senior Ruby engineers. This difficult position had been open for months and had no traction. Our engineering team was able to find two engineers who were great technical and cultural fits and both are excelling in their new roles.

Backend Engineer

An AI startup with $20M in funding needed help hiring backend Python developers and a frontend React developer. We placed three engineers within 12 weeks in positions across the US.

Director of Account Management East and West

We started our partnership with a Senior Account executive role, and after a quick successful hire, we were subsequently introduced to the Vice President of Education Partnerships. She needed two roles filled that had not previously existed. As a rapidly scaling organization, she conceptualized and prioritized two Directors of Account Managers for retention-based sales with their largest accounts. Those two roles would be divided across the country with one for the East and one for the West. We quickly placed the East Coast position and got working on the West immediately after. Two Director-level placements were made within four months.

We can help you hire for a variety of edtech roles

Back End Developer
Director of Engineering
Front End Developer
Full Stack Developer / Engineer
Head of Software / Development / Engineering
Implementation Engineer / Manager
Presales Engineer
Quality Assurance Engineer (QA, SQA)
SEM Manager
Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)
Software Engineer (Sr, Lead)
Solutions Architect / Engineer
Technical Account Manager (TAM)
UX Engineer / Developer
VP of Engineering

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Frequently asked questions about edtech recruiting

Our engaged search process normally takes four weeks between our initial discovery call with the client and when an offer is extended. Clients get a single point of contact in our team, as well as a minimum of 20 dedicated hours each week.

The process starts with a deep dive discovery with the hiring team. This conversation focuses on two aspects: the requirements of the role and the needs and selling points of the company. Once we’ve gathered this information from the client, we use a curated four-touch candidate outreach campaign and advanced AI software to source candidates from our network. By the end of the first week, we typically have at least 5 resumes to send to clients, who get the first right of refusal on any resume sourced for their position.

Once we’ve defined the traits of the ideal candidate in our discovery call with the client, we do internal planning before going to our network. This involves separating the qualifications into “must haves” and “nice to haves”, identifying competitors that employ similar edtech professionals, and creating a targeted four-step multi-touch campaign. We then deploy this campaign across our database and 30,000+ company followers network, leveraging our contacts as well as AI software and both paid and unpaid resources to generate qualified leads. Along the way, we provide data analysis to the client that they can use to evaluate and shape the recruiting strategy and improve the efficacy of our messaging.

We first create a list of questions that target certain skills or traits based on our discovery call with the client. As candidates are interviewed, we recalibrate with the client as necessary to make sure those questions are attracting the right candidates for their needs.

We measure our edtech hire quality by considering factors like how many submitted candidates are interviewed, how long it took to make a placement, how long the candidate remains in the role, and feedback from clients.

We have a candidate retention rate of 86% across the industries and sectors we work with.

On average, it takes 4 weeks to fill a edtech role.

We utilize metrics including time to hire, resumes submitted to interviews, and interview-to-hire ratio.

Working with a recruiter allows you to hire better edtech talent more quickly, as well as saving companies the time, money, and resources they would have invested in the search. Having multiple recruiters working on a search also allows the process to be scaled, giving edtech recruiters the capability to fill multiple roles with high-quality candidates concurrently.

The main difference comes down to the scope of the search. In a edtech executive search, the process is more specific and targeted. More stringent criteria can mean that the search takes a bit longer, but with the result of a better long-term hire who perfectly meets the client’s needs. The payment terms are also different. With executive search, the client pays in installments throughout the process, rather than after the search is completed. Executive search firms may also charge per diems and expenses.

The network of edtech professionals we’ve built over 30 years in the business is our biggest differentiator. Relationships are the core of this business and we always start with our network. We also have 30,000+ followers of our company that we network through.

We give them a human-focused interaction rather than a transactional one. Our goal is to build long-term relationships, and both our clients and our candidates appreciate this personal touch.

Working with a recruiter enables you to hire the best edtech professional for the role, not just the best person in your network. The recruiting landscape has changed dramatically, and our use of AI technology, targeted messaging, and other paid and unpaid resources allows us to navigate the talent market more efficiently and at a deeper level than hiring teams can using in-house resources.

Yes, our engaged search is backed by a 60-day refund or replacement guarantee.

We start by understanding the client’s story, culture and needs through our in-depth discovery process. Next, we use this information in our screening process, and convey it to the candidates we’ve identified as a potential fit based on their skills and experience. We can also perform reference and background checks on request.

Absolutely! We want our clients and candidates to succeed, and support them throughout the hiring process. For companies, this includes helping with their job description, competitor analysis, salary ranges, and improving their interview process, as well as services like contracting, contract-to-hire, and payroll. For candidates, we help them perfect their resume and application materials and offer coaching through the interview process.

Delicately. We know the value a diverse team brings to a business and understand the crucial role recruiters play in ensuring the hiring process is free from bias. This starts by identifying areas where bias could be a factor and taking steps to ensure candidates are being fairly assessed and compared. We also observe how our clients are mitigating and preventing issues and adopt the approaches that are effective, with the goal of continuously improving the transparency, fairness, and inclusiveness of our talent sourcing and placement.

welcome feedback from clients and candidates, and feel that full disclosure and honest, transparent communication is helpful for both sides. We also serve as a conduit for feedback between clients and candidates. If an issue is sensitive, we’ll clear it with the client or candidate before starting the conversation.

Our fee is 25% of the base first-year salary of the new hire.

No. Our fee is paid in full by the client, and there is no charge for edtech candidates to work with us.

We maintain the confidentiality of both the hiring company and the candidates throughout the process. We sign NDAs at the start of a search and get guidance from our clients on what can and can’t be shared with candidates. All information we collect from candidates and companies is securely stored and protected from unauthorized access.

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