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We’re no strangers to emerging technology at Redfish. Today, machine learning and artificial intelligence experts are crucial talent for countless industries: financial trend forecasting, manufacturing management, health research, transportation development--and we’re just getting started. These tools give an organization the ability to bring order to a large amount of data, find a pattern in that information, and turn it into a prediction model for the future, improving both the end user experience and business outcomes.

Why Should You Partner with Redfish?

While a plethora of industries use machine learning algorithms, many leaders don't even know what acronyms like NLP mean, much less how to leverage that technology for their business. It's hard to set job requirements that will attract the right person if you don't even know what background and type of skills to look for during the interview process. That's where Redfish staffing professionals can make an impact. We understand the data science world and can spot top talent well-versed in selecting data sets that make sense for your industry, who know how to train an algorithm, avoid overfitting and underfitting to maximize its accuracy, control for bias, and develop a comprehensive AI strategy that will deliver results.

The Redfish Recruitment Process

Our team is proud to leverage the diverse creativity of the Redfish network to unlock the future. Our candidates have a passion for technology, along with expertise in statistics, data analysis, data models, and other skills crucial for success in data scientist jobs. Most importantly, we take a hands-on approach to understanding the employer's needs and preferences, using these in-depth candidate profiles as the basis of our selection process. In short, we ensure the candidate is a good fit before we send them along for an interview. As industry demands evolve at the speed of light, our dedicated ML and AI recruiters help you tackle trends and anticipate what lies ahead.

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Redfish Technology lives at the intersection of creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation. Founded in 1996, our unique expertise in machine learning recruiting has helped grow businesses from coast to coast, with deep roots in the country’s biggest tech hubs. Are you ready to take your company to the next level?

Our successful machine learning searches keep our clients happy

Sr Product Manager

Our long-term client had reached out to us looking for a Senior Product Manager to lead the growth of a new Ad-Tech product line. After speaking with the Director of Product, we had determined the skill set that would be required and were able to source candidates quickly to ensure our client’s plans for growth could remain on track. We were ultimately able to find the ideal candidate that had industry experience, lead NPI efforts, and was excited to be a part of our client’s future. We were able to set expectations on both sides and ultimately help both the candidate and client move forward with their number 1 choice.

Backend engineer

An AI Startup with 20M in funding needed help hiring Backend Python Developers and a Frontend React Developer. We placed 3 Engineers within 12 weeks across the US.

Chief Product Officer

The CEO of a Hive funded startup needed to build out his Executive Team with a Technology Expert and Team Builder rolled into one Chief Product Officer. To add to the challenge, he also preferred Industrial AI experience and a strong education. In three weeks we delivered a PHD from Johns Hopkins who was currently a hands-on VP in the space and looking for an early stage startup. Bullseye!

VP Engineering

The CEO of a seed round company in the Data Analytics space asked us to help him find a VP of Engineering out of a top-tier company. We successfully filled this position within only 6 weeks. The CEO thought of us because we helped build his Sales Engineering team at his previous startup - a great win based off of our long-term relationships!

Lead Infrastructure Engineer

The Founder of a Bain Capital/Lightspeed Ventures startup in San Francisco needed a Lead Infrastructure engineer who combined the skills of Dev/Ops, Functional Programming, CI/CD AND Machine Learning.

They were series A and growing aggressively, so they needed someone who could do the technical work as well as lead a team underneath them. We found them a perfect M.I.T fit who has been there almost 3 yrs and helped double the size of the company!

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We can help you hire for a variety of machine learning roles

AI Engineer
Back End Developer
Computer Vision Engineer
Deep Learning Engineer
Director of Engineering
Full Stack Developer/Engineer
Head of Software/Development/Engineering
Machine Learning Engineer/Developer
Marketing Manager
Platform Engineer
Product Manager
Software Engineer (Sr, Lead)
Solutions Architect/Engineer
UX Engineer/Developer
VP of Engineering/Vice President of Engineering

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