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IT Employment Steaming Along – Staffing Companies Staying Busy

TechServeAlliance-IndexreleaseMay2013IT Employment Steaming Along

IT Staffing Companies Staying Busy


A Few Little Dips in the Last 12 Months, But Overall Great Upward Trajectory Hitting a New All-time High in April


TechServe Alliance, made up of tens of thousands of IT & Engineering staffing and solutions firms, clients, consultants and suppliers, tracks industry jobs via the IT Employment Index.


Over the last year, there have be a few dips in the Index, but April saw another all-time high with IT jobs hitting 4,424,200 (0.24% growth over last month, and 5.1% since April 2012).


“IT continues to handily outperform most other sectors with an annual growth rate of more than three times the growth rate of the general workforce.” Said Mark Roberts, the CEO of TechServe Alliance.


IT Staffing firms are very busy, more so than other staffing sectors, reports the recent 2013 TechServe Alliance Operating Practices Report. IT Staffing firms are also more profitable, undoubtedly because the demand for IT talent is acute.


“The biggest IT challenge at the moment is finding and attracting enough talent,” reports Greg Schreiner, IT Recruiter at Redfish Technology. “There is a lot of demand for many technology skills and companies are vying to attract and retain talent professionals. We feel this talent shortage will continue to be an issue over the next few years. We also offer strategies for hiring the best tech talent.”



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