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Recruiting Success Stories: Alex Jolicoeur, Mobile Apps

Recruiting Success Stories:

Featured Placement – Alex JolicoeurAlex Jolicoeur

Backend Software Engineer – Mobile Apps

The VP of Engineering of this privately-held, leading global music entertainment platform company in the Bay Area commissioned Redfish Technology to find a Python Server/Backend Engineer. The company is creating the next and most powerful iteration of music talent via mobile, combining the power of broadcast talent programs, interactive music gaming, content creation and crowd-sourced talent discovery — and counts millions of users. Specifically the company required someone with the skills to build the company’s next-generation data model and APIs for mobile and web clients. The engineer would be part of growing and maturing the server team’s processes and tools for rock-solid development in a dynamic workplace. Cultural fit was paramount as well; the ideal candidate would share a passion of listening to music and participating in the music experience.

A banana slug with a bachelor of Computer Science degree, Redfish recruiter Meredith Dean knew Alex Jolicoeur was a great fit. With a passion for back-end systems and mobile applications, Alex has experience as a Software Engineering and iOS Developer with companies in the mobile gaming for customer engagement sector, mobile messaging and video conferencing sector, where he used PHP to implement 3rd party API’s (Mailgun, Twilio). He has also used Django, Python and JavaScript to perform optimization and redefinition of the Learning and Experimental Economics Projects website at his alma mater, the University of Santa Cruz. Alex is a resourceful self-starter with strong problem solving, analytical, and research skills, a music aficionado, and an eager explorer of open source, algorithm analysis, database systems, functional programming, graphics, and new technologies.

“Meredith connected me with a company for a position that not only reflected the skills on my résumé, but also my interests in the software and start-up environment. I was very grateful to have someone so friendly, driven, and communicative help me with my job search. I am thankful to Meredith, and all of Redfish Technology for helping to find the right job for me, at a company where I know I can learn and grow as a professional!” — Alex Jolicoeur