Covid-19, Are you a Seaman, Antelope or Owl?  

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Covid-19, Are you a Seaman, Antelope or Owl?  

A Tech Recruiter’s Perspective


Two weeks of social distancing, remote working, homeschooling and shelter-in-place, provided a fascinating data sample of humanity in crisis.  We all come to the table with our opinions on preferred ways to handle scenarios, but these aren’t always a cut and dry right or wrong; AND every situation has numerous contingencies and exceptions providing more complexity to an already challenging global situation.  Now, add differences in culture, age (and vulnerability), population density, economic status, and industry verticals, and we get the full spectrum of reactions to this plague/flu/pandemic/virus.

As a recruiter in the Tech Sector, we have a unique vantage point observing behavior in a Market Segment estimated at 1.7 trillion USD (US portion of 5.2 trillion valuation worldwide) and it strikes me that I’m witnessing a high stakes poker game complete with all the intrigue, emotion and strategy that goes with it.  Technology has always been linked with speed (from routers and bandwidth, to applications and product releases) and of course decision making is a critical component to executing with speed. From what I’ve seen, there are three current camps on three different trajectories:

Camp 1 are Seamen seeing the billowing black clouds on the horizons and reefing the sails.  Minimizing exposure to the impact of the front, they are battening down the hatches, laying off non-essential employees or cutting product lines.  They recognize the Hurricane Covid disaster and will be doubling back to the closest safe harbor they’ve seen and trying to weather the wind and seas there.

Camp 2 are less sailors, and more Antelopes.  They see the danger, and instinct tells them to hold still, assess and do nothing until further notice.  They haven’t picked a direction (forward, nor back) as they haven’t fully processed the implications or consequences of their actions with these new variables.  Often, the advisers/investors here are cautioning action of any sort as the Antelopes may be unproven in tumultuous markets or haven’t yet shown ability to be “recession proof”.  Antelopes may be counting on their speed to make up for lost time once a definitive path is chosen.

Camp 3 are the Owls.  They’re able to see opportunities in the darkness and hunt when other animals are asleep.  Arguably, the biggest impediment to growth and increased market share over the last 10 years in the Tech Sector has been availability of talent.  The unemployment rate for Tech Workers fell to an all-time low of 1.3 percent in 2019 as companies battled for their services, tenure dropped, and salaries aggressively spiked.  An active candidate was bound to receive multiple offers and an inactive candidate was likely receiving multiple unwanted solicitations from both internal and external recruiters – leading to weariness in the process regardless of the fit or opportunity presented.  Owls see this and recognize that the Covid Crisis has simply prolonged their evening hunts while other animals remain dormant, and consequently, the previously scarce food supply has begun to replenish itself. 

Here lies the brilliance in perspective.  Just as some investors have dumped their positions,sit in cash and wait, others are taking advantage of a dip in a market that has had a 9 ½ year bull run to pick up some deep discounts.  In 1959, presidential candidate John F. Kennedy wrote a speech which cited that when written in Chinese, the word CRISIS is composed of two characters. One represents DANGER and the other represents OPPORTUNITY.  The literal translation of the characters has been debated, but the current condition we all find ourselves in begs the question:


Which is it?  Crisis or Opportunity?

Rob Reeves


Redfish Technology

Celebrating Q1 Placements – Team Redfish Gong!

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Celebrating Q1 Placements – Team Redfish Gong!


The Redfish crew celebrates each placement with a gong ceremony meant to send good vibes & gratitude to our candidates & clients. We gathered last week to celebrate our January hires; Walker Cross – three placements with 2 Fintech clients (Account Executives in SF & NYC), Jon Piggins – Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (Software Engineer in Washington DC), Jon Piggins – Computer Vision/Robotics (Software Engineer in SF) and Meredith Dean with another AI client (iOS Engineer in Sunnyvale). February is off to a great start as well, so stay tuned for more celebrations!

Redfish Technology’s 2020 Retreat – “Process, Practice and Relationship”

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Redfish Technology’s 2020 Retreat – “Process, Practice and Relationship”


This year’s annual Redfish retreat featured presentations on; Business Development, Building Strong Relationships, New Recruiting Technologies, Leveraging Social Media, Best Practices & Process, and a refresher course on getting back to basics & focusing on a high level of quality in everything we do. We are passionate in our pursuit of continual improvement in the way we serve our clients & candidates. As the great John Wooden said, “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”


Redfish Technology Holiday Party & Celebration of Meredith Dean’s “5 Peat” as Top Producer

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Redfish Technology Holiday Party & Celebration of Meredith Dean’s “5 Peat” as Top Producer


Another fantastic Redfish Tech Holiday Party is in the books and Meredith Dean continued her dominance as the company’s Top Producer for the 5th year in a row!


Our Holiday parties are always a great time, but this one was extra special as we celebrated Meredith’s unprecedented run of winning the award for being our highest producing recruiter. As a reward, Redfish CEO Rob Reeves announced that he would be sending Meredith & her twin sister on week long trip to Lisbon, Portugal! Congrats Mer & Happy Holidays to all!



More Moves at Redfish Technology! Walker Cross Promoted to Senior Recruiter

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More Moves at Redfish Technology! Walker Cross Promoted to Senior Recruiter


Congratulations to Walker Cross on moving into a leadership role at Redfish Technology in the New Year! Beyond the excellent service Walker has provided to his clients and candidates over the past 3 years, his new responsibilities will now include; leading sales ops for the organization, managing digital marketing efforts, new employee training, and leading our daily stand-up strategy meetings.

Redfish Technology CEO Rob Reeves says “I have the upmost confidence in Walker and believe that he’s a big part of the future here at Redfish. He’s a great example of how we look to reward our hard working employees by exclusively promoting from within.”

REASON #5 – Why You Should Work at Redfish Technology – Team Building Events!

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REASON #5 – Why You Should Work at Redfish technology – Team Building Events!

Work hard, play hard…we put in plenty of long days serving our clients & candidates, but make sure to balance it out with some seriously fun times, including trips to; Vegas, Napa, SF, Seattle, Halloween parties, Charity Balls, Golf Tournaments, Marathons.

Redfish tech is one of those special companies where we can put in 10+hr days and look forward to hanging out together outside of work (including Thanksgiving dinner at Leah O’Flynn’s next week!).




Reason #7 – Why You Should Work At Redfish Technology – “Top Producer Trips!”

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Reason #7 – Why You Should Work At Redfish Technology – “Top Producer Trips!”

Meredith Dean in Iceland, Ireland & Hungary. Leah O’Flynn on the Big Island, HI. Jon Piggins on Kauai, HI.


Since 2004, Redfish Technology has rewarded it’s top producing recruiter every year with all expenses paid trip which has included journeys to; Europe, Hawaii, Iceland, and Asia.  Redfish’s CEO Rob Reeves believes, “Our annual trip award is our way to say thank you for all of the time & hard work our people put in for our clients 12 months a year. The trip is awarded to our Top Producer AND a guest, who can be their spouse, close friend or kids…it’s our way to say thank you to those who have supported us and our people throughout the year as well.”


In their own words, Redfish Technology Top Producers on what it means to win the award:


Meredith Dean, Lead Recruiter: “Something that is important to me is being recognized for my hard work and achievements and Redfish’s Top Producer Award does just that. I love to travel internationally and our Top Producer Award has taken me to Hungary, Czech Republic, Iceland, Guatemala, and Ireland.”


Leah O’Flynn, Chief Revenue Officer: “In 2014 I won Top Producer and it was one of the highlights of my career for a few reasons. The main reason was that 2014 was my ‘A ha’ moment for recruiting. It took two years for me to really find my flow around technology, sales and strategy. It accumulated to me winning Top Producer – the secret was matching those skills with my work ethic. I look back now and it was more than a vacation because I took my childhood best friend and soon after we each got married and had kids. More than likely, it will be 10+ years before we can justify us running away together without family. I’m super thankful to Redfish for giving me these memories with Leah – yes, her name is Leah as well.”


Jon Piggins, Executive Recruiter: “Winning Top producer meant a lot to me because of all the hard work, help from my colleagues, late nights & weekends it took to make it happen. It was extra special because Redfish sent both of my daughters with me, which was such a nice way to let them see how hard work pays off & thank them for the sacrifices they made when I was putting in extra effort at work.”

Redfish Technology Promotes Two This Week, Congratulations Jenn Johnson and Will Brewer

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Redfish Technology Congratulates Will Brewer & Jenn Johnson on Their Promotions!

Will Brewer celebrates his move to “Executive Recruiter” this week with a placement at a Bay Area based InsureTech client.


Exciting moves at Redfish technology this week…Jennifer Johnson is promoted to Sr Talent Acquisition Manager to focus on her expertise in uncovering talent and Will Brewer’s hard work as an SDR pays off with a promotion to Executive Recruiter.


Jennfer looks forwards to “…focusing on finding technical candidates that set us apart from our competition…its a great opportunity for both the team and myself to grow and develop in today’s market.” Will commented “It’s exciting to be a part of our great team here at Redfish, and I’m looking forward to helping our clients find the right critical hires as well as assisting candidates in their career growth.”


Redfish Technology CEO Rob Reeves had this to say about the moves – “Congratulations to two Redfish Employees moving within the organization and taking on new roles! Will Brewer has made the jump from BDR to Executive Recruiter after working with both candidates and clients internally with our team. Jenn Johnson has (thankfully!) chosen to use her superpowers for good and help out the growing demand by focusing exclusively on Talent Acquisition so we can maintain great service for our clients. Great Work Team!”


At Redfish, our mission is to build long-term productive partnerships with both candidates and companies. We pride ourselves on offering progressive service to our client partners without leaving honesty, integrity, excellence or performance behind. We aim to spark innovation, breed efficiency, and fuel market dominance by providing talent who can help take your company and product to the next level.

Our philosophy is simple: build long-term relationships by providing top-quality service and confidentiality, leveraging our expertise and resources, and having fun!

We’re headquartered in Sun Valley, ID where the gorgeous mountains offer some of the best all-season recreation and natural beauty in the United States, so we can play as hard as we work.

Happy Halloween From the Redfish Technology Crew!

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Happy Halloween From the Redfish Technology Crew!

Fun times at our annual Halloween lunch & pumpkin carving…great opportunity to show off our creative side with everyone taking their own unique approach to their pumpkin design (a couple cats, Georgia Bulldogs tribute, classic scary pumpkin, Redfish logo, New York Yankee great-Yogi Berra, and Walker’s “shapes”). Happy Halloween to all!

Redfish Gives Back – Announcing the Annual “Redfish Technology Young Entrepreneur Scholarship”

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Redfish Gives Back – Announcing the Annual “Redfish Technology Young Entrepreneur Scholarship”


Philanthropy and community service have always been tenets in Redfish Technology’s mission to “Diligently work to preserve and improve the quality of life in our community.” To that end, Redfish CEO Rob Reeves has paired up with Wood River High School’s senior class president Jake Gorham to ease the financial burden of secondary education (college & trade schools) with a donation of $1,000 to the Blaine County Education Foundation.


As a compliment to BCEF’s goal “…to focus community resources and raise funds for the students of Blaine County School District, promoting academic excellence, equitable education, and a healthy and sustainable student environment.”, the Redfish Technology scholarship is aimed at helping students who show initiative, creativity and drive and can be applied towards either the first year of college or a capital investment for a local Wood River Valley based business. Recipients of Blaine County Education Foundation scholarships will be announced in concert with Spring 2020 High School graduation ceremonies.