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Solutions For Employers

There’s a reason we get the results we do. Our approach for matching top talent involves a deep understanding of the client, the technology, the culture and the market landscape. Here’s how we do it.

1. The Discovery

This step is a critical deep dive with the hiring team at our client company. During discovery, we identify and draw out critical components of the hire while simultaneously providing our team with the necessary tools to attract the talent.

The conversation focuses on two topics:

The Req

  • Title
  • Years of experience and seniority
  • Necessary skills and tools
  • Relevant education and degrees
  • Diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Current team composition and desired personality traits
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Other important factors

The Company

  • Hiring process including best practices for submitting candidates, integration with company ATS, interview process reviewal and job description consultation
  • Selling points including recent company wins, competitive advantages, growth plans, funding and leadership
  • Career growth of this role within the company
  • Urgency of hire

2. The Strategy

This is the internal “planning phase” of the search where we perform the following tasks:

  • Define the needed traits of the candidate with “must haves” and “nice to haves”
  • Identify competitors and companies employing similar profiles
  • Craft a targeted four step multi-touch campaign for appropriate candidates

3. The Hunt

This is the execution phase of our approach where we dedicate daily hours implementing our strategy by performing the following tasks:

  • Utilizing our database, contacts, networks, AI software, and paid and unpaid resources to generate our qualified leads
  • Providing data analysis for the company client to evaluate and shape recruiting strategy and message efficacy
  • Leveraging our 30,000+ company follower network to promote our client company’s press releases or wins
  • Conducting video interviews with qualified leads and submitting candidates with full debrief on background, compensation, interests and constraints
  • Coordinating and calibrating with the client company on progress using set weekly calls
  • Insuring a positive candidate experience through the interview process by handling scheduling logistics and competing offers
  • Recommending offer ranges and closing candidates

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