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Your New York IT and Tech Recruiters

Over the past 10 years, the tech sector has been the main driver of New York’s economic growth, with the number of jobs continuing to rise even as other sectors have slowed. The diversity of New York’s tech sector has a lot to do with this ongoing growth. Recent years have seen an explosion of start-ups in sub-industries like real estate tech, edtech, and blockchain technology, with more than 9,000 startups in total across the city. Industry giants have also steadily expanded their presence in the city, and while the startup ecosystem is thriving, companies like IBS, Infosys, and Google remain the largest employers, with Google alone employing more than 12,000 workers in its massive Manhattan campus. Thankfully, in a city the size of New York, there is still talent to go around. Roughly 10% of the developers in the United States live in the NYC metro area, and with the highest average engineer salaries of any city, the tech scene in New York is likely to continue attracting talent in droves.

Your New York IT and tech recruiting team

You can trust the experts at Redfish Technology to deliver talent that fits your needs, when you need it. We understand the job market in New York inside and out, from both the candidate and employer perspective.

  • Our recruitment leaders in New York know how important it is to identify top talent for your open IT and tech (big data, edtech, fintech, IT marketing, IT sales, product management, machine learning, and software) industry roles. Our recruiting team uses novel, analytical sourcing methods to find passive candidates. 
  • With an extensive talent network in New York and more than 20 years of experience, we have the connections and knowledge to solve complex hiring challenges. This includes our passive network of professionals who have asked us to send along exciting opportunities.
  • We know tech, from the lingo used among professionals to the distinctive skill sets required for each role. Our detailed screening process builds on this expertise to find uniquely qualified candidates who excel technically in IT and tech roles and are also a cultural fit for your company.
  • Our recruiters work closely with your internal team to develop search strategies that will excite candidates about your opportunities in New York. We also keep them engaged throughout that process, managing interviews and offers to provide a smooth, transparent candidate experience. 
  • From initial contact through hire, the Redfish Technology team is a dedicated partner that will work hard to find you the best IT and tech talent. 

We specialize in recruiting high impact IT and tech talent in New York

Why Work With Redfish

Make Faster Hires

With our extensive candidate network and dynamic team search approach, Redfish recruiters can greatly reduce your time to hire compared to in-house hiring processes.

Reduce Your Team’s Workload

Redfish recruiters handle every step of the process, including finding talent, screening candidates, scheduling interviews, conducting reference checks, and negotiating the offer, freeing up your in-house HR staff to focus on their other responsibilities.

Get Personal Attention

We form the same in-depth relationships with clients that we establish with candidates, taking the time to fully understand your company and needs and giving each client a single point of contact for all communications.

Access Extensive Tech Knowledge

We understand the roles we recruit for inside and out, whether that’s the technical jargon familiar to engineers and programmers or the skills that make an exceptional sales or marketing hire. When we send along a candidate, you can trust they have what it takes to excel.

Leverage Our Reputation and Experience

With 20+ years in the recruiting industry, Redfish Technology has built an extensive network of connections and candidates, and our reputation precedes us. We’re a recruiting firm top talent wants to work with, giving you access to better talent than you’ll find from other services.

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