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Secrets to Impressing your Recruiter and Landing the Job

Secrets to Impressing your Recruiter and Landing the Job

Rob Reeves

Rob Reeves

By Rob Reeves, CEO, President


Whether you are applying directly to a company or working with an independent search firm, you need to impress the recruiter! The recruiter is likely your first point of contact, you need to impress them and do your part to streamline the process.



Start with your Resume.

Make sure that you focus on results. What will grab and hold attention is demonstration of successful track record positive impact, for example: the sales goals achieved, the products launched on time, the projects competed under budget. Tailor your resume to the opportunity at hand. You want to communicate that you have the knowledge, skills and experience relevant to this company and to this opportunity.


Package Yourself.

Next, write a cover letter specific to the opportunity. This is your opportunity to highlight the most relevant or interesting aspects you bring to the table. Clearly identify the position you are interested in, the value you can add, and what you are looking for.


Prep for the Interview.

Whether this is a phone or on-site interview, your goal is to present a clear picture of who you are, what you have done, and how this opportunity fits with your career objectives.


Have Examples at the Ready.

Be prepared with examples of technical work or papers authored, sales figures that you achieved or exceeded, go to market plans and successful milestones. Highlight successes from your previous roles, and speak to how you can apply these successes to future roles. You should clearly and concisely articulate your professional experience and accomplishments.


Personal Qualities.

No matter the job, honesty and integrity are always a requirement. Passion can set you apart as well as flexibility, agility, and collaboration. The ability to turn a challenge into an opportunity, to take a problem and find an innovative solution, will be prized in any organization. Excellent character can be demonstrated through professional track record as well as personal undertakings.


Do your Homework.

Read about the company, the positions open, the latest press releases. Come researched and ready, and avoid canned answers. The candidate should be able to speak to what’s going on within the industry, as well as how he/she aligns with the positions’ required skills, abilities and experience and the organization’s core values.


Listen and Hear.

Listen attentively to the people you speak with about the opportunity, no matter their role. You can learn something from everyone. When you answer questions, be on target; show that you understand and are qualified and capable to help the company solve their problems and meet their goals. Have thoughtful questions for your interviewer ready regarding the company or role.


Demonstrate Professionalism Throughout.

Follow up when agreed and after interviews. Send a note to thank people for their time and provide any additional information that was discussed. Circle back with the recruiter to update them as to the progress and your interest. Have your references primed and ready to go when asked.


Don’t Go Overboard.

Do not leave multiple messages or bombard recruiter or interviewer with information that has not been requested. If you are qualified for the position and fit the company culture, present yourself well, listen and ask good questions, have articulated the skills and value you will add to the company, and demonstrate professionalism, you will be well considered for this opportunity and others that are current or may come open.


Remember – whether you are speaking with a company’s internal recruiter, HR staff, a hiring manager, or a third party recruiter – your goal is to impress. Show motivation and professionalism, be knowledgeable and articulate. Whether this opportunity is the right one or not, if you impress the people you meet it may lead to another opportunity.


Good luck!