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May the Equity Packages Be Forever in Your Favor

May the Equity Packages Be Forever in Your Favor

By Joseph Walker.

Joanna Bradley, IT Sales & Marketing Recruitment Manager, was interviewed for this story on evaluating opportunities at start-ups. This article was originally published on the FINS (Wall Street Journal Digital Network) website.


You’ve decided to join a start-up. You’ve gone through a rigorous interview selection process and have been deemed worthy of joining a small band of brothers dedicated to nothing less than ringing the Nasdaq bell and becoming millionaires many times over.

In the meantime, though, you’ve got bills to pay. So how do you navigate the trickier aspects of salary negotiations with your soon-to-be surrogate family? After all, these aren’t some random human resource managers at a giant corporation who you will never have to deal with again.

To help, we’ve put together a simple guide to educating yourself on the finer points of start-up salary negotiations. Good luck and may the equity packages be forever in your favor. …


On Making It Count:

“Before you ask for more — whatever ‘more’ is — know what you’re asking for,” Bradley says. “If you’re asking for a $10,000 bump in salary, make sure you say, ‘If I get X, then I’m on board.'”

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