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Recruiting Success Stories: Rick Aleman, Internet Marketing

Rick Aleman

Rick Aleman

Recruiting Success Stories:

Featured Placement – Rick Aleman

PHP/LAMP Developer – Internet Marketing


This rapidly growing, privately-held, full service Internet Marketing Company specializes in all aspects of online marketing and internet advertising including email marketing, customer acquisition, and web analytics. Founded in the last century, they have been a leader in online marketing since the rise of the commercial Internet. With a focus on meaningful and effective enterprise-class technology and a very motivated and dynamic team culture, the company reached out to Redfish Technology to recruit a passionate and qualified PHP/LAMP developer to work on mission-critical, high-volume web applications.

Rick Aleman has the web development background in PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML, CSS, C++, Python, Perl, OpenGL, JAVA, Linux and Windows that the company demanded, in addition to a Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science from the Stevens Institute of Technology. Rick is a well-spoken self-starter, who is adaptable and thrives in a fast-paced environment. He loves learning new technologies, solving logic problems, and he was ready for his next challenge when Beth Cliff of Redfish Technology identified him in this talent search. Rick has launched several websites serving as webmaster, developer, and SEO specialist. Interestingly Ricardo is also a comedian who writes jokes and does stand up!

“This was the first time in 12 years I had to look for a job, and when Beth at Redfish got a hold of my resume, I had a job within a few weeks.” — Rick Aleman