“Working with Walker was a real pleasure. He had a strong understanding of my skillet and asked the right questions to gauge my job interests. As a result, he matched me with opportunities that were a good fit. I landed my last job by working with him. I highly recommend Walker and would not hesitate working with him again.”

Bill Lim, Principal Product Manager
San Francisco Bay Area

Bill Lim, Principal Product Manager – FinTech

Meredith connected me with a company for a position that not only reflected the skills on my résumé, but also my interests in the software and start-up environment. I was very grateful to have someone so friendly, driven, and communicative help me with my job search. I am thankful to Meredith, and all of Redfish Technology for helping to find the right job for me, at a company where I know I can learn and grow as a professional!

Alex Jolicoeur, Backend Software Engineer – Mobile Apps

Anna is an exceptional marketing professional and highly experienced business executive. While working with her on an extensive SEO project, I became extremely impressed with how proactive, intelligent, and driven she is. I’m confident that she would move heaven and earth to deliver any result she agreed to.

Jess Biggs, Solutions Consultant – Internet Marketing

Working with Meredith during the recruiting process for my current position was a real pleasure. She was very responsive and was available anytime to help me through every step—from the initial phone screen to sealing the deal. Meredith has even taken time to follow up with me to see how things are going in my new environment. Thank you, Meredith!

Andrew Serchia – Quality Assurance Engineer – Mobile Apps

Working with Jon Piggins was an unexpected and wholly worthwhile experience for me as a potential employee in a new sector. When Jon Redfish reached out to me I was initially reluctant, many other recruiting companies have made the mistake of trying to fit my skills into the wrong profile roles. These mistakes result in wasting my most precious resource… time. Jon recognized that this was a real fit and convinced me to really take a look at the role and the company they were considering for me. After many phone interviews, exchanges, and general conversation, I committed to securing this role. After my company interviews and selection, Jon and his team fought hard for a significant increase in salary as well as a better incentive plan, and to top it off they even negotiated a stock option package. I could not be happier with the Redfish team.

John Moses – Senior Solutions Consultant – Cloud / SaaS

It was a pleasure working with Jon! He took the time to understand my skill set and experience and used it to find a very good fit for my talents. He was also very proactive and only reached out to me when he had good potential employer candidates. During the final negotiation process Jon went to bat for me and we ended up with a superior compensation package. I could not be happier.

Omar Valle – Territory Account Manager – Cloud / SaaS

Working with Rob/Redfish has been a very pleasurable and fulfilling experience. Rob was always there to answer my questions and concerns. He provided me with all the detailed information about the new career direction that I was contemplating. As such, I was able to make an informed SWOT analysis of my career options and I am very happy with the results. I am highly appreciative and grateful for the services and the sensitivity that Rob/Redfish afforded me in my search for a better career and will positively recommend their services because of the assurance of optimum results.

Nora Zwillick, Account Executive – eLearning

Working with Beth from Redfish was amazing. She was understanding, dedicated, and knew exactly what I was qualified for. I could not ask for a better job to start my career right after graduating. The job offer was between me and another person and Beth pushed me through into the position. It’s nice to know someone put so much time and effort into ensuring that I got this job and that I was happy even after my hire. I have learned so much already and continue to grow excited about my job every day. I am extremely grateful to Redfish and Beth for helping begin an amazing career.

Patty O’Hear, Software Engineer – Real Estate Software

Andy is the textbook definition of a professional. He treats the recruitment process with a certain respect; finding a match that is ideal for both the company and the candidate. I consider Andy to be more than just a recruiter, but also a mentor and career advisor. I would never hesitate to recommend Andy to anyone looking to make a strategic move in their career — and not just get another job.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Aimee Campbell, Sales Account Executive – Software/Digital Media

Joanna’s initial inquiry via LinkedIn was the first “cold call” job opportunity that ever piqued my interest enough to respond and engage. She made the process as easy as I could have hoped — from presenting a compelling and relevant opportunity, to coordinating the entire interview process, to following up after my start date to make sure things were going well. We have already asked Joanna to help us with another hire as our team continues to grow.

Zachary Gustafson, Assessment Consultant – Insurance Software

There is an increasing demand for employment solutions today that offer strategic integration to accelerate the process. In my opinion, Redfish went “over the top” for me there-by creating a pathway to achieve my maximum potential. They did this with respect for the individual, a commitment to excellence, and a rejection of mediocrity. Redfish ensured that all of their interactions benefitted parties and that both individual and company felt as if they “won”.

Richard Brangenberg, Project Manager – Solar

I felt very fortunate to have connected with Redfish Technology at the time I was looking for my next opportunity. My requirements were complex as I wanted to gain exposure to new technology, work with a proven, reputable market leader with great leadership and return to the east coast. Redfish exceeded my expectations as we partnered on multiple opportunities each of which had their own requirements in their next hire. Andy was exceptional in providing the insight I needed to wade through not only the information on the organizations; but the interview and overall hiring process. He aided in providing honest and constructive feedback and gained my respect in the negotiations process. Andy was also gracious in following up in the weeks and months following my move to ensure I was happy with my placement. Grateful and appreciative of the experience, I would welcome the opportunity to work with Redfish Technology again.

Deanna Deery, Sales Account Executive – Software/Digital Media

I have known and worked with Beth Cliff for two years. She is full of enthusiasm and passion. Beth deeply observes and understands the insight between the candidate requirement and the technical need of an organization. My past working experience with her was just simply phenomenal and spectacular. She responded to all my questions in detail and clarified my concerns about the organization and opportunity that helped me to make the right decision promptly. Now, I am very happy with my position and still excited about it. I will definitely continue working with her in the future.

Donny Hsieh, iPhone Developer – Mobile Retail Marketing

Rob and his colleagues at Redfish did an excellent job for me in not only finding me a great job opportunity, but also aligning me with a great career. Rob is knowledgeable of the clients he represents and the markets they are in. My experience with Redfish was most definitely the best I have encountered among recruitment and staffing agencies. In addition to being down to earth, Rob and his team are professional, personable, and punctual. I give my highest recommendation to Redfish for anyone seeking to enhance their career within the software/tech industry.

Gary Patten, Regional Account Executive – eLearning

Working with Ryan Thomson at Redfish Technology has been a great pleasure. He is very active, diligent, and easy to work with. He communicated with me constantly to work together toward the position and update the information as it changed. In addition, Ryan went out of his way in helping and advocating for both my needs and company’s needs. He also follows up with candidates regarding the position afterwards. I enjoyed working with Ryan and consider him a close colleague from my experience.

Shelly Shen, Project Finance Analyst – Solar

I’ve worked with many recruiters over the years, but not only did Logan Knight get me a great new position, he helped me discover a whole new direction for my career as a Software Engineer! He was with me every step of the way, from going over job postings, to helping me prep for interviews. He even contacted me — after — my start date to see how the new job was going! I recommend Redfish Technology to all my friends. In a world of too many recruiters just doing a keyword search and wanting you to take a job, any job, Logan Knight and Redfish are the exception. Six months and counting in my new position, thank you!

Dan Ellenbaum, Insight Architect- Systems Integration and Data Management

Beth was a joy to work with, she knew I was the right person for the job and assisted in the interview and offer process. I have recommended Redfish to some friends who are looking for a new position.

Jennifer DeSimone, Project Manager – Digital Media Solutions

Redfish and Leah were great – they were able to help me get placed quickly at a company I found fascinating, and queued me up to succeed in my interviews and beyond. I have been at my new company for 7 months now, and it has been a phenomenal fit.

Matthew Deitch, Account Manager – Digital Advertising/SaaS