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The Technology of Voting: What does the Future Hold?

The Technology of Voting:

What does the Future Hold?


The electronic age has transformed voting options and voting tallying enormously. Widely adopted and ever evolving, electronic voting supervised physically in polling stations has improved efficiencies enormously.  


But what of voting by email? New Jersey implemented emergency email voting following Hurricane Sandy. Texas law allows astronauts to submit their vote electronically. And overseas military personnel have the internet-based voting privileges, however they must send in a paper ballot as a follow up.


In New Jersey the deluge of electronic voting (e-Voting) in which votes are cast with no physically supervision by representatives of governmental authorities (i.e. voting from one’s personal computer, mobile phone, television via the internet overwhelmed staff and required the extension of voting deadlines.


While electronic voting machines and e-Voting offer amazing expediencies, when well-managed, they also open up the potential of malfunction and malefaction. In an era in which we date and socialize via the internet, and we work, bank, and shop online,  why wouldn’t we be e-voting ?



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