Leah and I first spoke back in April of 2013. She went out of her way not only as a recruiter, but as a friend, and ensured my success to land this amazing role in a leadership position here in Silicon Valley. Leah also has the professionalism, the amazing communication skills, and the greatness that every candidate looks for in a recruiter. After more than 14 years in working in this valley, finding these recruiters are a rare gem. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Redfish and Leah as I grow in my career. Thanks!

Prasanth Padmanabhan, SDK Product Manager – Mobile Video Advertising

Jon was a real pleasure to work with: He sought me out via LinkedIn for a specific opening, but was genuinely concerned that the opportunity was the right fit for me, and not just the other way around. He was able to understand and convey my unique combination of technical and client-facing skills, while being cognizant of the requirements I had for a new position. Jon is prompt, professional, and personable, and at the end of the day, he helped me land a new gig that was an improvement in every possible way from my previous position. Working with both Jon and Redfish was a pleasure, and I would certainly work with them again in the future.

Arun Wright, Customer Success Engineer – Gamification

I had a definite goal of working with a smaller company compared to my previous experiences. As soon as Logan from Redfish contacted me and filled me in on the details about the position, I knew I was interested. From setting up the interview process to getting the position, Redfish was very collaborative and always on top of their game. The communication between me and the company through Redfish was very smooth and hassle free. I will definitely work with Redfish in the future as well.

Aditi Bagade, Web Services/Server Side Java Developer – Mobile Products

Working with Leah was an absolute pleasure. She was very proactive and reliable. Starting from the pre-interview process to salary negotiations, the whole process was a breeze. I highly recommend Leah and the Redfish Technology team.

Vishal Aggarwal, SDK Product Manager – Mobile Video Advertising

Within a minute of applying for the position, my phone was ringing. Jon believed the fit was excellent and wanted to get the ball rolling quickly. Never once did I question that Jon was on my team, doing what he could to make the job offer not only happen but also include the salary and benefits I was looking for. He was responsive and helpful, more so than other recruiters I’ve worked with in the past. Now that I’m three months into the job, I realize that working with Jon was the best decision I could have made in my job search.

Rebecca Swensen, Sr. Product Marketing Manager – 3D Modeling Software

Thanks again for all your help, you were amazing to work with and I will definitely recommend you and Redfish to anyone looking for a great recruiter!

Robin Bertin, Sales Specialist Leads Generation – K-12 Websites

Rob Reeves is a great person and a positive influence. He coached me along the process to the obvious fruit of our labor. Though he represented BullionVault he never lost sight that he was dealing with a person with real concerns. His honesty and professionalism are an asset for both sides of the job search spectrum.

G. Miguel Perez-Santalla, VP, Communications & Corporate Development – Gold Market

Working with Jon and Leah was a truly pleasurable experience. From my initial call with Leah it was apparent she had done her homework and truly understood my skills and that they matched the position. Jon took the time to get to know me and it felt like he was on my side throughout the whole process. He was extremely responsive and it felt more like a friend recommending me for a job vs. the traditional recruiting experience. I would highly recommend Redfish whether someone looking for their first job or looking to make a change in their career!

Kyle Raprager, Senior Account Executive – Semantic Intelligence Software

Throughout my career I have worked with many recruiting firms and my experience working with Leah and Redfish technology was by far the best experience I’ve had. During the screening process they were able to quickly assess my skills and identify an opportunity that quickly became my top prospect. I was looking for an opportunity that united my desire to sell software with my deep experience selling within the public sector. Comcate was the perfect fit. While other recruiting firms are good at identifying the right opportunity, few recruiters are helpful in coaching you toward success. Leah was able to offer spot on advice at each junction in the recruiting process that contributed to me landing a position with Comcate. Five months after joining the team at Comcate I can say that Redfish identified a solid fit with a company where I am extremely happy.

Justin McDaniel, Sales Executive – Web CRM Software

Searching for a job can be hard. Tory made it easy by making sure job is a good fit. It was because of her that I landed a job that I absolutely enjoy. Thank you Tory for your hard work, persistence and friendliness.

Nidhi Jaiswal, Web Designer – Enterprise Video