October 13, 2014

Leverage Your Smartphone Video to Land a Job

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Leverage Your Cell Phone in Your Job Search

You may not realize it, but you just might have that job you’re aiming for in the palm of your hand. No, we’re not talking about professional burrito tasters. Smartphones today are equipped with cameras good enough to make a snazzy video introduction or resume that can shoot you right to the top of a crowded list of applicants. Your video isn’t limited to the quality of your smartphone but the creativity of your mind.


Be properly equipped


Most smartphone cameras provide enough sharpness and added features to give you what you need to put out a quality video pitch. Some smartphones, however, are a little better than others. The Sony Xperia Z1S smartphone, for example, has a 20.7-megapixel camera and a few video editing and effects features that can make you look better than you really do. The AR effect enables you to take photos and add virtual characters like Spiderman and scenes like fields of butterflies. While these may not help you get a job with the local accounting firm (you’ll have to supply your own white shirt and black tie), they can add fun in the right situation. The Sweep Panorama feature allows you to get a panoramic shots just by sweep your smartphone across the image(s) you’re shooting.


Other apps can help you enhance your video if you don’t have a mega-high resolution camera. Windows Movie Maker provides you with the basics, such as a variety of themes, adding text, music and transitions. The VSDC Free Video Editor is a little more complex to work with, but offers even more features like correction tools, filters and several export options that, if you can master this app, can really make your video pop.


One smartphone accessory you might want to include in your video-making production is a tri-pod to keep a steady shot throughout your video. One cool positioning device that is the Life-Phorm, which has spider-like legs that can be positioned in just about any way and hung on just about anything. If spiders freak you out, there are plenty of other non-themed tripods.


Think outside the box, but don’t blow it up


Your creativity can be the key to getting that job, but it can also be your undoing. Combining your skills, whatever they may be (perhaps you can sing and dance or draw rad pics?) and showcasing them on your video doesn’t just tell your potential employers what you are capable of, it shows them. Overlapping a song you wrote to play along with a video skit of you and a cartoon you drew could be the right kind of “wow” factor for a comics or music company, but not so much for a law firm or dentist office.


A series of frame-by-frame photos played together to make a stop-motion video about yourself may be a bit time-consuming but it offers a great and fun way of showing off your creative design capabilities. This effect may not be anything new in the video-making world, but making still photos come to life to tell your story is still impressive.


The Splice app assembles clips, music, text, photos and audio and synchronizes sound effects and voice-overs. Use a video recording of a famous person and manipulate it to make it look as though they are having a conversation with you about your best qualities. Having a video depicting you talking with, say, film director Steven Spielberg is now possible using only a smartphone and apps.


Quick tips on video making


Having some fun with creating your video is just as important as showing off your talent to potential employers. Refrain from videotaping yourself just reading your resume. Make this a pitch, a 3D professional summary. You want to be engaging, show off your personality and magnetism. Focus on the most important specifics about yourself that can relate to the types of positions that you’re applying for.


Also, keep your video short. Your video could be excellent, but if it lingers on, it might put off some employers who are pressed for time. Aim to keep your video no longer than a minute and a half. A good measuring stick is testing it on family and friends. If you don’t feel you can show them then it’s easy to say it shouldn’t be sent to a company you’re aiming to be hired by.




October 6, 2014

Recruiting, Staffing & Employment News – October 2014

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The Rise of Fall Employment Numbers

Recruiting, Staffing & Employment NewsHiring is Increasing


Back to school, back to work, fall is kicking into gear! Redfish recruiting staff report a strong September with most hiring activity in the Software Development, Enterprise Video, Enterprise Security Management, Mobile Social Networking, and Wearable Health Technology sectors. The leading roles hired were: Web Designers, Backend Engineers, Mobile Engineers, Lead Application Packager, and Account Executives.


ADP reported that 213,000 private-sector jobs were added in September. “September’s jobs added number marks the sixth straight month of employment gains above 200,000. (more…)


September 29, 2014

The Top 5 Reasons Not To Accept a Counter Offer – By Mike Curry, Executive Recruiter, IT Division

The Top 5 Reasons Not To Accept a Counter Offer

By Mike Curry, Executive Recruiter, IT DivisionMike Curry, Tech Recruiter Redfish Technology


So you find yourself with an offer from a new company, and whether you actively solicit a counter or you simply allow one to come, you are playing with fire. It is a highly risky move to accept a counter offer. These are the main reasons not to accept a counter offer.


1. Your Manager is Going to Hate You.


Okay, hate may be strong but s/he is not going to be happy with you. Once the relief that you are staying and that the projects underway haven’t been sabotaged by a sudden departure, negative feelings are going to seep in. The manager will likely harbor feelings of doubt about whether you solicited an offer just for leverage. S/he may worry that this incident will let loose a chain reaction, with others taking a stab at it. There’s going to be second guessing about whether you may try this again. Such a move will definitely be perceived as a breach of trust. (more…)


September 22, 2014

The Getting Hired Elevator Speech

When is the last time you took an elevator?

optimistic young businesspeople on a white background

Some of you are rocking the views from your elevator ride! Some folks are taking the stairs wearing their activity tracker. Some folks have made successful careers in places where elevators are hard to find (yippee!), or where they stay in their fuzzy bunny slippers all day (ahhh). Whatever your case, do you have an elevator speech? (more…)


September 15, 2014

Social Recruiting – What You Need To Know

Social Recruiting – What You Need To KnowSocial Recruiting – What You Need To Know

Buzz buzz buzz – Social Recruiting is all the buzz.

But is it more than a fashion trend to catch your attention? Will it really help you to hire? What do you really need to know about social recruiting?


So what is social recruiting?


It’s called having a conversation -


Social recruiting has been around since before there was a term called social recruiting. It’s basic human nature to talk about opportunities to your friends and people you like. And there’s an obvious head start in terms of cultural fit if you are reaching like-minded people through your network, so yes, social recruiting is an important way to acquire new talent.


Sometimes offering an incentive -


But let’s face it, those conversations often take a back seat to discussions about life, the family, football, politics, the weekend plans. And so the referral bonus was invented to incentivize employees to be thinking about who they know who would be a good fit within the company, to have these conversations with the people they know, and to network with the goal of finding new hires.


A new opportunity –


Referrals are a good approach, but this still only brings in a small percent of the talent companies need. With the formidable business opportunities presented by the information superhighway, the next iteration of social recruiting was to take the referral program on the road. Internal and external recruiting professionals embraced social media and voila, the term “Social Recruiting” was born. (more…)

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