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Recruiting Success Stories: Tim Kissane, Customer Support – Internet Hosting

Recruiting Success Stories:

Featured Placement – Tim KissaneTim Kissane

Customer Support Specialist – Internet Hosting Service

This company is on fire! The customer base growth and expanding business solutions are creating a demand for top notch Linux technical support professionals. Linode is an early leader in the cloud hosting industry and they continue to lead in virtualization hosting while providing the best service and technology. Linode has created a unique culture of which the employees are very proud and protective. The company seeks candidates with proven Linux development experience and knowledge of web and cloud technologies, who also have the soft skills to be a great cultural fit. With high-performance technology and service, the company is full of passionate people looking to make things even better. Partnering with Redfish allows Linode to access and recruit top tech talent who fit with the company’s unique dynamic.


Tim Kissane is a great match for the team at Linode. He is a fast learner who gets along easily with diverse people at all job levels, and he can keep a sense of humor in any situation. His expertise in Linux, Free and Open Source software, WordPress, web hosting, sysadmin, LAMP, scripting, and Windows-to-Linux migration made him a natural asset technically. With diverse experience in the computer field in technical and management positions, Tim has a great view of the forest as well as the trees. He has twenty years of industry experience serving large corporations (including Alcatel-Lucent, Bell Labs, and IBM), small businesses and home users, and has founded his own startup He has worked in the role of tech support, systems administration, and programming, and is all about Linux, to boot, Tim had already been using with the Linode platform and loving it. Tim has a B.S. in Physics, and additional higher education in computer science, and he was honored as one of the Most Powerful Voices in Open Source.


“I can’t thank Redfish Technology enough! This job is everything I was looking for. I finally feel like I’m in the right place. Working with Mike, and sometimes Noah, was great. I really felt like they cared about matching me with a company that fit with my goals and working style. Instead of a new job, it feels like I’ve come home and gained a new family. I highly recommend Redfish if you want to find where you belong.” – Tim Kissane