September 2, 2014

Recruiting Priorities: Enterprise Security Management, Business and Technology Solutions, Enterprise Video 9-2-2014

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Weekly Tech Career Opportunity Spotlight2014-09-02-Redfish-Jobs


This week’s priority recruiting focuses on the dynamic tech spaces of Account Executives, Pre-Sales Systems Engineers, Director of Alliances/Channel Marketing Manager – Enterprise Security Management; Application/Network Performance Engineers, Java Security Engineers, Development Operations Engineer, Call Center Manager – Business and Technology Solutions; Web Designer – Enterprise Video, and (more…)


August 28, 2014

The Puzzle of Motivation – Redfish Team Thought Leadership, Stimulating Ideas, and Innovation Discussions

The Puzzle of Motivation

Redfish Team Thought Leadership, Stimulating Ideas, and Innovation Discussions


The recruiting team gathers weekly to consider and discuss various ideas that merit attention in business strategy, organizational behavior, and psychology. From thought leaders to innovative disruptors, these discussion stimulate new ideas that can be applied professionally and personally. We’d like to share what we are thinking about with you.

This week we listened to Dan Pink’s TED Talk: The puzzle of motivation.

“It has inspired us to consider how Redfish might incorporate “FedEx” days to see how we can better help candidates and companies,” reported Leah O’Flynn. “We agree that we are not carrot and stick people, but rather are motivated by working together as team. We would get more gratification in help our team versus a cash incentive.”


Pink’s TED Talk is about 18 minutes long and worth your time if you have any interest in performance motivation issues. Pink presents a case for the mismatch between what science tells us about motivation and how business practices pay for performance programs. He presents evidence showing that pay for performance works only on very mechanical tasks, but that creative or cognitive tasks are required that larger reward lead to poorer performance.


Pink calls for a new approach, an intrinsic approach to motivation with a new operating system built around: autonomy, mastery, purpose. He cites the example of an Australian software company, Atlassian, who a few times a year, gives their engineers 24 hours to work on anything they want as long as it is not part of anything they are doing at work. At the end of the day, they gather to present their projects. They call these “FedEx days” because they have to deliver something overnight. And everyone has been very excited about the results. Another example, at Google, you can work on anything you want 20% of the time, and about half of the new products at Google are produced during that time.


The take-away is that the intrinsic motivators of autonomy, mastery, and purpose are motivating creative performance much better than the extrinsic motivators of carrots & sticks. Pink recaps with: 1. 20th century rewards do work but only work in a narrow band of circumstances; 2. If/Then rewards destroy creativity; and 3. the secret to high performance is not rewards and punishments, but unseen intrinsic drive to do things for their own sake because they matter.


idea light bulbLet us know your thoughts on these ideas, or suggest a topic for our next discussion!




August 26, 2014

Recruiting Priorities: Social Music Connection Platform, Software Development Version Management, E-Learning 8-26-2014

Weekly Tech Career Opportunity Spotlight2014-08-26-Redfish-Jobs


This week’s priority recruiting focuses on the dynamic tech spaces of Social Music Connection Platform – DevOps Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineers, & Data Engineers; Software Development Version Management, -Lead Application Packager; ELearning – Associate Product Managers, and more…


Social Music Connection Platform

This innovative social music platform provides artists new business and engagement opportunities. With well-known and indie startup musicians alike, more than 500,000 musicians are using this company’s platform to reach & build deeper relationships with music lovers everywhere, and make a more sustainable living by engaging with fans in new and creative ways.

The company is growing quickly and hiring for a variety of roles in San Francisco. We are seeking a talented DevOps Engineer (#21564) to own all aspects of the AWSbased infrastructure. Also hiring for a Quality Assurance Engineer (#21563) with gray box testing (more…)


August 21, 2014

Semantic Technology Trends

Tech Trends & OpportunitiesSemantic Technology Trends


Redfish Technology works with some very interesting technology companies, and by virtue of this arena we meet a lot of interesting people. Part of the allure of tech recruiting is the opportunity to be involved with so many exciting people and companies, and typically at especially exciting growth phases in their trajectory.


Semantic technology is a great example. Expert System, a unique big data firm specialized in semantic intelligence technology, is a growth-mode client leading the industry with cutting-edge patented technology that allows for semantic differentiation in big data.


Semantic technology solves the problem of managing and getting value out of the mega-oodles of unstructured information throughout the enterprise. We enjoyed their white paper on semantic technology trends for 2014.


Trends include “Findability” (need that one for my car keys), “Natural Language” (which we see from Siri to Google’s recent keyword search result approach), (more…)


August 19, 2014

Recruiting Priorities: Information Technology Service Management (ITSM), CRM for Google Apps, Disruptive Supply Chain Management 8-19-2014

Weekly Tech Career Opportunity Spotlight 2014-08-19-Redfish-Jobs


This week’s priority recruiting focuses on the dynamic tech spaces of Information Technology Service Management (ITSM), CRM for Google Apps, Disruptive Supply Chain Management, and more Digital Media/AdTech…


Information Technology Service Management (ITSM)


Offering the industry’s first real IT agility application that helps teams work better together in order to enable the business to respond faster to opportunities and competitive threats. This SaaS software helps Fortune 500 companies efficiently execute IT service management in a faster, more efficient and agile environment. The company has just received 8.5 million in funding and Gartner named them ‘Cool Vendor’ in IT Operations Management.


We are seeking experienced Sales Engineers (#21542) in multiple metro area to make a difference in a game changing career opportunity. The Senior Sales Engineer/Software Consultant will thrive in a fast-paced, performance-based sales environment. The successful candidate must possess the business and technical acumen to understand IT’s key transformational challenges with business critical custom applications, SaaS and Cloud. (more…)

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