October 23, 2014

Rookie Engineers: How to Become a Pro

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Group of engineers maintaining hard drive. Computer repair concept

A successful career in engineering starts with a foundation of academic knowledge and grows with hands-on experience, thanks to mentorship programs like those offered through the National Society of Professional Engineers. Many companies see the value in hiring engineering rookies who bring cutting-edge knowledge paired with a fresh perspective on industry challenges. Here are a few ways to identify some of the must-know technologies and necessities to help stand out from your competition. (more…)


October 21, 2014

Recruiting Priorities: Real-time Media Platform, Disruptive Software, Business Intelligence & Analytics 10-21-2014

Weekly Tech Career Opportunity Spotlight


This week, our priority recruiting efforts is for Front End Engineer, Ruby Engineer, Quality Assurance Manager, Engineering Manager – Real-time Media Platform; Mobile QA Engineer, DevOps Lead, User Acquisition Manager – Disruptive Software; Software Development in Test – Business Intelligence & Analytics, and (more…)


October 16, 2014

Tech Salary Trends & Skills / Positions in Demand

Tech Salary Trends & Skills / Positions in Demand


When it comes to salaries, a Bachelor’s Degree in STEM is hard to beat.


STEM leads the pack. Engineers not only rule the world, they are rocking the earnings. Mid-career salaries are highest for Petroleum Engineers, followed by Actuarial Mathematics, Nuclear/Chemical/Electronics & Communications Engineers according to PayScale.com’s recent survey on the majors with the biggest impact on future earnings.


Computer Science and Engineering and Computer Engineering are the 6th and 7th highest paying bachelor’s degrees both early and mi-career. A vanilla Computer Science degree ranks 13th and Computer Science & Mathematics ranks 16th, followed by Software Engineering, and then Business & Information Technology.


Information Technology salaries have gone up


According to the InformationWeek 2014 US IT Salary Survey, IT staffers reported a median raise of 1.6% and managers of 2.4% in total compensation over last year. The pay inequality between men and women remains as male staffers report making approximately 16% more in median total compensation than females, and male managers make about 11% more.


The highest earning sectors for IT managers are biotech, energy, consumer goods, financial services, IT and electronics, and consulting with median total compensation surpassing $140,000. The top median compensation (salary & cash bonuses) for IT staff professionals is: Architect $132K, Systems Architect $122K, Software Engineer $113K, Project Leader $107K, Software Developer $100K, and Systems Programmer $100K. The top median compensation for IT Management is: CIO $163K, Vice President $163K, Senior Manager $140K, Program Manager $135K, Director $132K, and CTO $131K.


Technology Positions in High Demand


Dice’s Fastest-Growing Tech Skills out in September showed Puppet, Cybersecurity, Information Security, Big Data, NoSQL, Hadoop, and Cloud as the highest top skills in demand.


The Robert Half 2015 Salary Guide for Technology Professionals looks at base salaries across technology positions.  This guide indicates that 89% of technology execs are confident about company growth prospects but that two-thirds of them report facing recruiting challenges. Unemployment is very for many IT positions, and three specializations are predicted to be especially sought after: Mobile, Security and Big Data.


RH provides a salary range prediction for a number of tech positions (as opposed to the IT Salary Survey which provides a median). In the software development arena, Product Managers are forecast to earn a low of $101,750 and a high of $145,000; Software Engineer $96,000-$147,250; and Software Developers $85,500-$136,250. CIO’s lead the salary scale in 2014 according to RH with a low of $157,000 and a high of $262,500; CTO’s may enjoy $137,500-$220,250; Chief Security Officers (CSOs) $134,250-$204,750; VP of IT $138,000-$210,250. For plenty of detail, read the guide.



October 14, 2014

Recruiting Priorities: Linux Network Engineers, Linux Technical Support, Senior Web Developers, Product Managers, Data Scientists 10-14-2014

Weekly Tech Career Opportunity Spotlight


This week, our priority recruiting efforts focus Linux Network Engineer, Linux Technical Support, Senior Web Developer – Cloud Hosting; Product Manager – Broadcast Platform; Data Scientist – Brand Loyalty Programs, and (more…)


October 8, 2014

Sharing the Love – Two Redfish Donate Hair to Locks of Love

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Locks of Love donation on its way

Locks of Love donation on its way


Anna Mathieu and Stacy McLaughlin both made the cut. Unbeknownst to each other until the deed was done, both women were motivated to have their long hair cut and donate it to Locks of Love to help people they each knew facing a life challenge. Redfish Technology embraces community through volunteerism and an employee-driven Pay-It-Forward program. Mathieu is the Marketing Communications Manager and McLaughlin is the Office Manager at Redfish Technology, a nationwide high tech recruiting firm.


Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss. The Locks of Love organization meets a unique need for children by using donated hair to create the highest quality hair prosthetics. The prostheses provided help to restore children’s self-esteem and confidence.


“I have volunteered for Camp Rainbow Gold fundraisers a few times and I had thought about donating my hair several times but I was honestly scared to cut my hair short since it has been long for so many years,” related Anna Mathieu. “My girlfriend Joanna Carnes was diagnosed with cancer last year and I felt so helpless to help her. She lost her hair during treatment and it really bothered her at first and then just embraced it, and that gave me the courage to just do it.”

Stacy McLaughlin Before Locks of Love Donation

Stacy McLaughlin Before Locks of Love Donation


“I decided to donate my hair to Locks of Love in support of my dear friend, Jimberly Rooney. I just love that girl!” shared Stacy McLaughlin. “Many people have said that they can’t believe I cut my hair, and when I tell them that I made a donation for a friend the responses I get are amazing. But really it’s a selfless act that doesn’t take much. It’s just hair!”


Even though the donations are not earmarked for specific people, taking action to help someone in a tangible way is such a powerful statement and gesture. It is personally empowering to the person who makes the choice. And the hope is that it is also empowering to the people who are dealing with this hurdle life has thrown their way.

Stacy McLaughlin After Locks of Love Donation

Stacy McLaughlin After Locks of Love Donation


“Locks of Love helps so many kids who have to deal with serious health issues. People notice when you don’t have hair and it serves as a constant reminder to those kids and everyone they encounter. When they can put on a wig of real hair, they can forget for just a moment, and they attract less attention so everyone can forget they are a kid with an illness, and just be a kid,” affirmed McLaughlin.


“It feels really nice to be able to do something tangible for someone you will never even meet but that is going to make a difference for them on a really personal level. If you feel scared about cutting your hair, don’t worry about it – it’ll always grow back!” encourages Mathieu.

Anna Mathieu with her Locks of Love Donation

Anna Mathieu with her Locks of Love Donation



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