Tech Recruiting Priorities – Security Industry, Collaboration, Communication, and Connectivity

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Weekly Career Recruiting Spotlight

Technical Writer, Business Development, Product Manager WAF, Product Marketing, Inside Sales, .NET Developer, Flex Technical Team Lead, UX/UI Designer, DevOps Engineer



This week, our tech recruiting priorities are: Technical Writer, Director Business Development, Product Manager WAF, Product Marketing Manager, Inside Sales – Security Industry; Senior .NET Developer, Flex Technical Team Lead, UX/UI Designer, DevOps Engineer – Collaboration & Communication & Connectivity; and Read more »

6 Reasons to Hire Now!

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6 Pack of Reasons

6 Pack of Reasons

Whether replacing an employee or recognizing the need to grow your team, there’s compelling reasons to make that hire now.


It’s true you are saving on payroll and employer costs, insurance and perks, but these short-term gains effect a larger cost on long-term profitability, and can create unanticipated risks.


Making your necessary hire in a timely manner will:


  1. Boost Productivity

When shorthanded organizations strain existing resources and quality suffers. If overly strained, attention to detail and pride in work decrease, errors, illness, and accidents are more likely, factors which significantly affect productivity.


  1. Decrease Time to Market

Whether it is getting a new health gadget into consumer’ hands, or releasing the new version of your software, understaffing is going to impact project management and coordination, it risks delaying production and subpar quality, and can cause costly missed opportunities.


  1. Ensure Agile Happy Employees

Straining your team will increased stress. This impacts the entire work environment. Maximize your team’s performance by getting the right people on-board when needed and keeping a smooth, agile workforce who is happy to get the job done right.


  1. Lower Personnel Costs

Yes hiring when you need staff keeps your personnel costs down. When your employees are happy and stay invested: you spend less time and money on hiring new ones, you have less absenteeism and accidents, and there’s less training of new employees and less management involved in keeping things running smoothly.


  1. Increase Customer Satisfaction

At the end of the day, if your customers aren’t happy with your service or product, your business risks failing. Decreased customer satisfaction is almost inevitable if you can’t provide the level of service necessary. And we know unhappy customers are very vocal about their dissatisfaction, whereas happy customers can be the biggest brand evangelists out there.


  1. Stoke Competitiveness

When a company is fully staffed, completely concentrated on business, and everyone is on board tuned into the end goals, the company is primed to meet and exceed current commitments, as well as to identify and take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace before competitors who are dealing with staffing issues and not focused.


So get hiring!


Need help? – We make hiring top talent easy, it’s what we do!

Contact us today at 408-745-8260/208-788-8260, or fill out a job order online.

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Redfish Technology Snags Place in Top Ten “Best Places to Work”

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Redfish on the #BPTW List for the Third Year Running

Best Places to Work 2015

POPULUS has named Redfish Technology among the top ten Best Places to Work in Idaho for the third year in a row. The award is given for the company’s efforts and commitment to creating engaging workplaces.


Redfish Technology is thrilled to announce it has been honored as a ‘Best Places to Work’ in Idaho honoree for the third year running. In 2013 and 2014, Redfish won first place in the micro employer category. On April 16, the rankings for 2015 will be revealed, stay tuned to see if Redfish makes it to #1 for a third year!


Being honored as a BPTW company is important because the recognition attests to a company’s commitment to its staff, customers, and community. “We truly care about our Redfish family and our community,” affirms Heidi Clark Read more »

Tech Recruiting Priorities – Communications Director, Search Manager, Mobile QA, Semantic Server, Data Center Operations, Software Developers

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Weekly Career Recruiting Spotlight

Communications Director, Search Manager, Mobile QA, Semantic Server, Data Center Operations, Software Developers2015-3-17-Redfish-Tech-Jobs.

This week, our tech recruiting priorities are: Communications Director, Search Manager, Mobile QA – Social Distribution Platform; Semantic Server & Data Center Operations – Healthcare Platform; Software Developers – App Security; and Read more »

Redfish Rocks Out at the Share Your Heart Ball 2015

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The 2015 Share Your Heart Ball wasn’t voted “Best of the Valley” for Best Charity Event for nuthin’.

It was another rocking great time with inspiring people sharing fabulous stories. The community really comes out to support Camp Rainbow Gold, the oncology youth camp. Many individuals and companies generously donated great silent and live auction items, and paddles were raised to donate cash. Attendees engaged in a variety of games, enjoyed a lovely dinner, and then enjoyed the groovy tunes of No Limits.

Redfish Technology made a strong showing this year with a company 12-top table. The fishes tried their hand at the wine ring toss, sent up pine cone prayers, and not-so-quietly bid at the great variety of silent auction items. When it came time to donate the group raised paddles high all around the table! Then we headed to the dance floor and cut that rug!

Redfish Tech Paddles High at SYHB

Redfish Tech Paddles High at SYHB


Redfish sends out a big thank you to the Share Your Heart Ball leaders and volunteers. Your work is so important and valuable to so many and we salute you and appreciate the opportunity you have given us to contribute. And you throw a great party too!


Rob & Eric Dancing at SYHB 2015

Rob & Eric Dancing at SYHB 2015


For anyone who doesn’t know, the Camp Rainbow Gold has grown from a week of camp to year-round programs that include five camps, teen support groups, college scholarships and other programs across the state of Idaho dedicated to supporting children diagnosed with cancer and their families.


The Share Your Heart Ball is the primary fundraising event benefiting Camp Rainbow Gold’s programs and each year more than 400 of the region’s most spirited and generous guests join together for an incredible evening of socializing, fine dining, impressive live and silent auction bidding and dancing late into the night, all with the purpose of giving these children joy and hope.




Recruiting Success Stories: Feng Hong, Cloud Hosting

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Recruiting Success Stories:

Featured Placement – Feng Hong

Customer Support Specialist – Cloud Hosting

Feng Hong

Hiring aggressively but with a rigorous process, Linode’s ever-growing customer base and offerings necessitate top quality Linux technical support professionals. As an early leader in the cloud hosting industry that continues to be a leader in virtualization hosting, the company strives to provide the best service and technology. Proud and protective of Read more »

Recruiting, Staffing & Employment News – March 2015

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Torrential Hiring in the Cloud

Recruiting, Staffing & Employment NewsJobs Report

A torrent of hiring last month in Cloud sectors such as Cloud Hosting, Enterprise Cloud Security, and Cloud Video Conferencing. The main roles placed were Senior Web Developer, Linux Technical Support, Senior Director Product Marketing Manager and Account Executives.

The Brookings Institute reports that the nation’s advanced industries (tech sector) have led the post-recession employment recovery, playing a major role in the US economy. As of 2013, the top tech sectors employed 12.3 million workers in the US, which is approximately 9% of total US employment but Read more »

Tech Trends – Digital Strategy 2015: Disruptive Technologies from Algorithms to Uber

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Tech Trends – Digital Strategy 2015

Disruptive Technologies
from Algorithms to Uber


Released at the end of last year, digital strategy firm Webbmedia Group’s annual report on technology trends that will affect media in 2015 is astounding! It nails the disruptive technologies that will affect consumer behavior and impact business strategy in the coming year.


Covering subjects from Algorithms to Uber, and mentioning companies from Advanced Medical Technology Association to Zendesk, this report runs the gamut of cool technologies and ideas trending Read more »